View Full Version : Cleaning your Micro-T

2007.02.02, 05:08 PM
After weeks or months of playing with your Micro-T, it needs a good cleaning. Hair, dust, and other particles can jam up your diff and drive axles and slow your car down.
So, I'd thought I'd post up pictures of me cleaning my Micro-T. I suggest useing Magnum Force 2 electric motor cleaner. It is safe to use on electronics, bearings, and it's safe for plastics.

Remove your car's battery.
Remove the rear section of the car, and unplug the motor.
Then, carefully remove the E-clips that hold the rear wheels onto the axles, and begine disasembling the entire rear assembly. Be carefull to lay everything in an organized matter so you don't lose parts or forget where things go.
I try and keep mated parts together in one pile.
Enjoy pics and happy cleaning!