View Full Version : Toronto Drift - Part 2

2007.02.03, 07:09 PM
Perhaps better to post this on a seperate thread. Enjoy.


Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

2007.02.04, 08:35 AM
thats some nice drifting. I never got into drifting like i wanted to. If i ever come buy another AWD for a good price i am going to set it up just for drift.

2007.02.04, 05:44 PM
As far as what I can see, that's some good drifting. Maybe (totally your decision) you can turn in harder and countersteer more mid-corner, that might get the car to kick the rear end out more and and bring it back sooner, i.e. a faster drift.

2007.02.05, 04:03 PM
I think I understand what you mean. However, the track is just too short for the car to build up the necessary velocity to do that. Perhaps in a faster and wider track that would be something I can try :)

2007.02.05, 04:55 PM
I'm not sure exactly what you were doing, because my audio's gone, but if you brake then turn, you can probably turn in harder.

Larger track would help too, you can really use the stability of AWD and drift the long, wide corners.