View Full Version : Kosho Release of the Core Timing System

2007.02.06, 09:43 AM

I have a few questions I hope you can maybe dig up some answers for the MZR Users.

Several people have asked about when/if Kyosho will be releasing the timing system designed by Core.

I have seen several different answers on this.

is there any way that you can get some info for us? my main focus would not be when but if Kyosho is still planning on releasing this system.

I know at one time it was mentioned that they system was being designed for several different scales, but our main concern would be with the Mini-Z scale that the system was originally designed for.

any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

2007.02.06, 09:49 AM
Some news would be nice and I think we all understand it may be hard to say exactly what will happen but any news is better than no news.

Tim Johnson
2007.02.06, 10:14 AM
Currently this product is still under more devolpement. This system is being tested and retested, and tweaked and what not. There really is not much to talk about here. Plans are still in place, it is just taking more time than what was expected. I am sure when this system is ready most will be impressed with it.