View Full Version : Mini-Z Racing Schedule

2007.02.08, 09:18 PM
We will be having a Mini-z race next Sunday, February 18. It will be an open class event, with 3 qualifiers and 2-3 mains unless there is enough demand for separate classes. Registration to race is $10. See our MicroMotorSport Info Thread to find out more info on where we are located, store hours, etc.

EDIT: Possible F1 class if there are enough entrants, as they cannot be run with the mr0* and Ma010 series. LMK if you wish to race an F1 via posting in this thread.

If you would like to preregister, please contact us @ 305 220 4446 with your name and type of car you will be running, and frequency.

2007.06.20, 05:29 PM
Come on .......lets set up the lap counter ???

2007.06.21, 10:02 PM
we'll have it next thursday, on the condition that you have atleast one car that is setup so it runs well. start practicing!