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2007.02.08, 10:22 PM
Mini-z Racing is no longer being held @ MMS

2007.03.13, 01:13 PM
Thank U Darren, nice shop you have, and nice track...
Regards, Byron
Guatemala C.A.

2007.10.23, 02:24 PM
I am registered! Talk to you latter.

2008.03.03, 09:42 PM
This is not too far from my job. I'll have to check your place out during lunch.

2008.06.07, 09:43 PM
i tried the url/website but doesn't seem to be working. is there another website?

2008.06.26, 06:32 PM
The store now has a new owner, and Mini-z racing is no longer taking place.

2008.06.26, 11:30 PM
So where does the mini-z racing take place now?

2008.06.27, 04:57 PM
a new track will be opening soon with a large rcp track. it's going to be large enough for 1/18 and 1/12 scale from what i was told. till then i run on my personal rcp track

2008.08.15, 03:43 PM
Hi Superfastsupra2
As I mentioned before, I am back in Dominican Rep. (Americas Jungle) as I call it, for a few month before going back to Miami.
This new track in the area is just great, Iam really looking forward to go over and race there. I guess this track could very well become an International track, do to the location of Miami and it’s popularity around the world. As I can see ByronF1 is from Guatemala C.A. Hope soon racers from other nations, as well as, other US regions as Tsal from So CL, will participate in this thread.
Hey just love the island in the track. BTW any cars flying over the staged-track at high speed? It really gives me goose-skin just thinking about it

2008.08.15, 09:35 PM
Hi again Superfastsupra2
I just had a conversation thru this forum with briankstan host of HFAY; here is his web page, http://hfay.tinyrc.com/Home/tabid/64/Default.aspx
I was trying to participate in the HFAY events but unfortuanaly canít, do to the reason that my tracks, 2 mini-96 & 2 mini-96 expansion kits) donít qualify, they donít match the size needed. Since briankstan is aware of the new track in Miami, he suggested the fallowing Quote ďOriginally Posted by briankstan
I read somewhere in a post that there was a track opening in Florida somewhere by you. you should talk with them, maybe you can get them to join in with HFAY. it can never hurt to ask. just a simple track setup to run the events one night a month. ĒEnd of quote
This is a great idea and a good gesture from him to invite the new club.
Can this be possible? I guess it could.
Please give me your feedback regarding this issue and itís prospect???
Iíll be here.
Thx for your response.

2008.08.16, 01:14 AM
Eh we'll look into the HFAY series, but for now we're doing local races and planning to host future pn regionals and such. Just FYI this forum/ subsection is not the track im talking about, this is a track that used to be involved in mini-z racing but is now under new ownership and is not having any mini-z related events. Look at the thread I've posted in the general tracks and gtg's section on the bottom and post there ;)