View Full Version : 1/18th scale racing

2007.02.08, 10:25 PM
Hi guys, just trying to scope out how much interest there is for 1/18th scale racing in the Miami area. For now it will be an all out open class, but in the future if there enough demand, separate classes for stock and modified. If you are interested in 1/18th scale racing please post here, or leave me a PM. We carry both the xray m18 series and the hpi micro rs4 series. If you would like more info please check out the MMS info thread. Thanks,



2007.02.09, 07:55 PM
I'm in SoCal, but 1/18th is starting to pick up around here thanks to the Scaple by Robitronics. I've run the xray, but the scaple is off the hook. Now we just need a place to race em... just a bit too fast for RCP.