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Z man 89
2007.02.11, 03:24 PM
This is a cool video that I found. It has some really good racing in it. ;) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2979701746745686479&q=mini+z&hl=en

2007.03.19, 03:35 PM
hehe, thanks for posting the movie :) its filmed mostly by a guy called axel and edited by me.

The movie is quite old now, the setups has improved alot since it was taken, we are prolly around 4 tenths faster at that particular track now.

Hopefully this years swedish finals will be videotaped so we can release a newer video.

2007.03.19, 04:29 PM
Very well edited, that was a great watch.

2007.03.20, 03:26 PM
kaz, Do you know what the track material is? It doesnt look as smooth as RCP, but it looks mad fast :D

2007.03.20, 04:25 PM
In places it looks slick!!

2007.03.21, 12:02 AM
Do they sell bodies other than Mclaren is Sweden?

2007.03.21, 06:43 PM
The track is made out of rubber from old cartyres, it's sold in rolls that are 3-4mm thick. We run on it with foam tyres.

And about the mclaren thing, well, it's the best handling body out there... And prolly the lightest aswell.

Here we are driving on painted wood, the paint has some kind of "anti-slip" material in it. Foam tyres here aswell, i am the white/green car btw (the winner).

And here is a short clip from a practice heat in last years swedish final, im the white/green car the camera follows here aswell.

2007.03.21, 07:20 PM
The track is made out of rubber from old cartyres, it's sold in rolls that are 3-4mm thick. We run on it with foam tyres.

What is the material called? I don't see any seems what is the width of the roll? I used 6 mm pvc pond liner for one of my tracks (great grip even with stock tires) but I could only get it in 4 foot rolls so you had to deal with seems. Anyway just curious. Great driving BTW. I a shocked at how young all the drivers look.

2007.03.22, 02:14 AM
The rubber specs:

Thickness: 3 mm
Width: 125 cm
Length: 10 m / roll

You have to deal with seams, but it's no problem. We glue the rubber down onto a wooden base so the seams aren't felt and are almost non-visible.

Ive got no idea what it's called or what manufactor it is though... I'll try to find out.

And yeah, we have a very big mini-z youth, it peaked somewhat last year and now only 3 or 4 "kids" (they're like 15-16yr old) travel with us on races. But they are getting fast, i'm feeling old at 18 :D

2007.03.22, 10:26 AM
Good information. If memory serves the pond liner didn't have very crisp edges so it had to be trimmed to get it to match up. Also the thickness wasn't quite as uniform as I would have liked. If I had space for a permenant track though I'd use it again in a minute.

2007.03.26, 09:13 AM
Thanks for the info. I look forward to any other info you provide. It looks very interesting.

Im curious about this pond liner as well. It sounds like a very good idea. You should be able to get big pieces of it as well. I know threre are some pretty good sized ponds out there made with single pieces.

2007.03.26, 11:07 AM
I got mine at my local lawn sprinkler supply house. They only stocked the 4 foot or 5 and a half foot (can't remember), but it is made in rolls as wide as 48 foot. There are plenty of pond supply store online.