View Full Version : body contest winner on website banner

2007.02.11, 05:43 PM
Glad to see the site top banner updated with the winner of the body contest. it looks great on there.

2007.02.11, 06:22 PM
I agree, it looks very good! HammerZ, you're now in the MiniZRacer hall of fame. :D

2007.02.11, 08:05 PM
Nice job, looks good.

2007.02.13, 10:40 AM
Ditto to the above. The updated banner looks nice. Sharp looking paint job.

2007.02.14, 10:03 PM
Thanks again, guys. There are a few body painters here that I have seen that would make the next contest a good one.

I am also happy with the way the banner picture turned out. So props to the photographer for the good work.