View Full Version : Extending Core Loop?

2007.02.12, 07:10 PM
Can the loop on the Core system be extended. We want to use it on a 4 wide RCP track (a tad over 6 ft) without having to narrow the track to 3 feet? Has anyone tried this? Is it possible?


2007.02.12, 08:39 PM
You'd have to add a second loop for the other 2 tile width. If you extend the length of the antenna (loop) you have to tune the antenna back to its original resistance. You would also have a loss of signal strength thus shortening read range.

CDR racing
2007.02.26, 06:09 PM
the owner at my track originally ordered a 3 tile wide loop from core but they had to recalibrate the system to match the longer loop and apparently it cant be done because we couldnt get the system to work and we had to send it back to get the two tile loop and jus make the lap counter section two tiles wide