View Full Version : Internal antennas for F1

2007.02.14, 12:31 PM
Hi guys, after some end over flips my antenna's looking quite ghastly and bent out of shape.

I know the car racers have lots of room for the Kyosho internal antenna and some custom hidden antennas but are there any options for the F1? I run a rear shock so the space under the airbox is pretty small.

2007.02.14, 01:08 PM
I ran the Kyosho internal antenna on my F1- it fit fine, but I got too much interferance, so I took it out. I also tried a custom antenna, but had the same problem with interferance. Could just be my location though...

2007.02.14, 03:51 PM
Use the memory shape antenna. You can bend the crap out of it and just whips back. I have one on every car I have. It is part #MFW12 for the F1.

2007.02.14, 04:37 PM
...or make the appropriate length antenna out of a metal(of course) guitar string. I got that tip from ph2t and it works great. ;)