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2007.02.14, 05:13 PM
Hey guys. I got a Revell 1/25 scale plastic model kit of the Smart Car. And I found out that the wheelbase is nearly 99% perfect fit for the Lit! Just need to extend the wheelbase by probably 1.5mm to 1mm. However, the stock Mini-Z Lit wheels are a bit too small for the Smart Car. BUT! When you remove the Lit's hub's, the standard size Mini-Z wheels fit perfectly! However, the rear differential's shaft is a tad too short. Need to have a machine shop machine a custom shaft to allow me to mount the standard size Mini-Z wheels onto the Lit's differential unit. Probably lengthen the shaft by 1mm to 2mm each side for the wheels to be bolted on. The wheel on the diff's side almost mount's directly, but the threaded part could be a tad longer. The other side needs a special locking system made for the free wheel.
Other than that, it's nearly a streight forward fit, that and a tad bit of trimming needs to be done to the front corner of the chassis for the front wheels to turn full right/left. Then, I can use screws on the side and a clip up front and mount the Smart Car body on it!
I'll post pictures when I get my own computer up and running again. I'm trying to get the audio to work on the new window's Vista operating system.

2007.02.17, 10:17 AM
Here are some photos of the Lit with standard size wheels.
The rears aren't exactly bolted on and won't work yet.
Smart Car on Lit.