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Raceways Inc
2007.02.16, 01:49 AM
Greeting (o:

My name is Jimmy and I recently purchased a hobby store in Milford CT. The store is a historical landmark being in business since 1961 and has a commercial slotcar track. A 112 ft long sebring built in 1964. The oldest continually running track east of the Mississippi if not the US. We have been experimenting alittle with the track with running a few mini z'z and x-mods on it and it has gotten me fired up about the idea of running races on it. The track is flat other than a high speed banked turn and a under and over bridge.

I am lookiing for as much feed back as possible with what kind of surface I should lay over the slot track as to not damage the track for the slot cars and also the best surface for the mini r/c's to drive on? I would also like to set up a date in about 2 weeks for some free open track time to experiment a little with some mock up fun races and to get some face to face feedback about the concept. Please contact me either through this forum, email or phone. My website is hobbiesofmilford.com with an email link or call me 203-878-3448.

Thanks in advance, Jimmy Hobbies Unlimited

PS if you think I should put this post in a different area of this site or any other forums you know of please inform me...I am new to the forum frontier

2007.02.16, 09:21 AM

the best surface, and really the standard for Mini-Z's is the RCP track surface.

you can contact RCP and he can sell you blank tiles that you can cut to fit your track.

visit www.rcptracks.com for contact info.

if you have some pictures you should post them up...

welcome to mini-z's

Raceways Inc
2007.02.16, 10:52 AM
[Thanks, I'll be adding some pics soon. I spent about 30 min. looking at your website/ rules and membership info just to get an idea of how things work.
I'll be posting the pics Mon or Tues as I have slot racing tonight and am preparing for our big Daytona 500 party.


2007.02.16, 10:59 AM
I agree RCP is the way to go. When you get a chance add your shop/track to the map below. It's just a community based map to try and link up Mini-Z racers and tracks. The goal is to give everyone a visual tool to find racers/tracks near them or near a place they may be visiting.


Raceways Inc
2007.02.16, 11:56 PM
OK I added my place to Frapper (o: I appreciate everybody's input in getting our place involved in mini R/C.

I was going to ada pic of the track but when i click insert image a text box opens up? I am not sure how to insert the picture? Any suggestions?

Thanks, Jimmywww.hobbiesofmilford.com (http://www.hobbiesofmilford.com)

2007.02.17, 12:34 AM
when you are making a post scroll down a bit, you will see a selection box marked "Manage Attachements". Use this to upload the pics. then when you submit the post the pictures will be attached.