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2007.02.16, 08:03 PM
I pikced up some Griplock to glue my Mini-Z tires to some Atomic dish rims. Any pointers before I pop the top the griplock and start glueing?

2007.02.16, 08:13 PM
I really wanted to have something clever to say, but alas I dont, so Ill just take the post count point.

2007.02.16, 10:00 PM
dont glue the tire or wheel to your finger ;)

2007.02.16, 10:44 PM
yea, test it out on a set of old rims that you are not attached too. Sometimes you have to cut it off. I've trashed a few rims that way.

I only use it for my modified setups. I use 2 sided tape with a tiny bit of handlebar glue (same as grip lock, but you can find it at any bike shop for less) around the outside of the rim. The idea is that the tape keeps the tire in place, and the glue keeps the edge from pealign away from the tape. don't glue the tape to the tire, make sure to glue the rim to the tire. A toothpic works best.

For stock, I just use tape and try to stay off the rails.

Let us know what you think..

2007.02.17, 01:02 AM
I have had better success with the tape than grip lock, but I don't run any fet'ed cars.

2007.02.21, 03:43 PM
use the glue sparingly on the surface of the rim. Maybe four drops all round. Then carefully slide the tire over making sure you don't let it fold over itselfe and that you don't get the glue on the outside of the tires. If your useing CA, make sure you get CA remover so you can correct your mistakes if needed. Remember, just a dab will do yea!

2007.09.18, 01:02 PM
I have had pretty good luck running the double sided tape from scotch (grocery store or hardware store) that comes in your standard scotch tape holder. Downside is you have to cut that to fit once you get it on the wheel.

But if you need more holding capacity than that I wrap the wheels in the tape as normal, but then I use crazy glue’s gel glue. I just dot a smidge onto the tape in about 4-5 places around the wheel, then I install the tire. I have NEVER had a tire come off when I have don’t this. And when you take off the tire pull the tape off and the wheel is as good as it was the day you took it out of the package.

- Dana

2007.10.02, 01:34 AM
anybody try elmer's glue? i think it's water soluble... don't know how good it holds the tire though.. anyway good luck with your griplock