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2002.04.20, 12:20 PM
Hi all , As some of you know I quit my monte carlow SS porject.
Becuse I have found a body thats all most perfect for the mini .

Its a Delorion from back to the future movie. part 2 .
all I have to do is exstend the H-plate about half an inch . and it will be more stable .

I just got the delorion today, so I hope to have some pictures of her getting put together. here is what the body looks like.

Russ if I have this in the wrong forum again can you please move it?

Ok here here is the picture ( progress stage 1 )

2002.04.20, 02:12 PM
oh man.... i'd like to see the finished product of that body.....

2002.04.20, 03:30 PM
Oh Yeah!!!

Thats gonna rock when itīs ready :D

2002.04.20, 05:09 PM
Hi all . I have made a custom H-plate out of fiber glass. an I had to use 2 washers becuse I made a booboo LOL.

2002.04.20, 05:10 PM
As the topic says a teaser. now this is JUST PLACED ON THE MINi Z for temurayly till I can make some mounts.

2002.04.21, 10:21 PM
Ah well I re wired the mini works aswomely now . I like the longer h-plate. Less flipage.

Now I gotta do soemthign abput the antena.

I started on the delorion Body as u can see in the picture.

2002.04.21, 10:57 PM
Delorian :) With an 'A'....anyway, I was sooo close to buying a BTTF II model from the LHS, but I decided to save my money. Can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

2002.04.22, 01:46 PM
Buy another antenna (2 per pack) Bend it to length, then drill a small hole in the roof for the antenna to protrude through.
Of course, do this before painting ;)

As our resident King of Customs, mr Mojo Rising himself: Ken Mifune on advice for getting the DeLorean wheels onto the Mini-Z.

2002.04.24, 10:54 AM
Hi all I got body Mounted where I want it. now I will use plastic struct for the supports ( or use micro rs4 Body Mounts .

here is how I got the Body. remeber the bodsy is where I want it but it be a little Higher.