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2007.02.19, 10:44 AM

The Mini-Z i-Series chassis features the same quality chassis construction as the rest of the Mini-Z line-up, which is the standard when it comes to mini RC vehicles. It has independent front suspension with solid axle rear suspension, just like the full-size racecars. Additionally, the electronics feature full digital proportional control, instead of the analog resistor-type controllers so common in cheaper mini-size cars. This means you have fully proportional control of forward, reverse, and steering with digital precision.

Technical Data
Chassis MR015MMi
Length 189.0mm
Width 73.4mm
Track(F/R) 68.6
Tyre Size 24.5mm x 10mm
Wheelbase 102mm
Gear Ratio 7.3:1
Battery(notincl.) AAA-Size x 4
Controller (incl.) KT-5i