View Full Version : My Shock Problem :(

2007.02.21, 10:27 PM
My shocks dont seem to travel as smoothly and when i tried to take one off i broke the rear gearbox connection :( . now not only do i need a new gearbox, but my shocks are still a little stiff :confused: . any tips that i could use to get them to work propeerly again?

2007.02.22, 10:24 AM
Well i don't have any advice on how to make the stock shocks work right. My shocks would bind too so i just replaced them with old xmod shocks to serve as spring holders.

2007.02.22, 10:33 AM
mine never worked right, I took everything apart, loosend up everything and even hit it with some lube still no good. I guess I am still searching for a good solution.

2007.02.22, 09:50 PM
well im thinking of upgrading to oil filled shocks but i dont want to break my gearbox again... :confused:

2007.02.22, 10:49 PM
the oil filled shocks are nice. You have to keep them cleaned though or all the oil will leak out, and they will start binding just like the stock shocks.

2007.02.22, 11:23 PM
:) okay well i think i fixed it a little :) . all i did was put some WD40 on a q tip and wiped it on the shock. it travels pretty good :rolleyes: or at least until i get oiled filled ones. :D