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2007.02.26, 03:59 AM
I read on some post that it would be possible to connect an external receiver on the kyosho stock pcb. I would like to know what kind of mods needs to be done and where to connect the external receiver (i would like to try a 2,4ghz rec)
I know someone in turkey has done it but looks like i can't find any more infos.


2007.02.27, 12:55 AM
er... the kyosho stock pcb is an integrated unit... it has an electronic speed controller, a servo (for steering) and an 27mhz am receiver...

i've seen some modifications that use different electronics... micro esc, micro servo, and micro receiver...

yeah i think there's some guy in turkey who did that mod... some other guys as well...

in my opinion, it will be quite costly (unless you have the money to burn)... i would suggest you just get an AD band board and module instead...

unless you have some other things in mind...

2007.02.27, 01:15 AM
here's a link...

pchan0 used....
Spektrum system with micro receiver, case removed.
GFS! speed control, no brake and reverse. 1 gram, 10 amp max.
HS50 servo PCB with Kyosho sensor and servo.


gotta love his answer when he was asked

"how much time and money has this project cost you so far. I'd really like to attempt the same thing but would like to know what i'm getting into first."

I don't remember how long it took to gather all the parts I need but the actual build time was quick! It's a hobby, money is not a factor!