View Full Version : Twin Turbo Booster for my Mini-Z

2007.02.26, 07:19 AM
Dear friends,
let me introduce myself. I am an italian lover of Mini-Z, thus I hope you'll excuse my poor english.
I just bought a Twin Turbo Booster by Topcad for my Mini-Z 02 RM, but, due to poor press quality of instructions sheet, I am not able to establish correct connections of orange and grey lines. Could any of you help me explaining where I have to connect such lines?

Thank you


2007.02.27, 01:33 AM
greetings and welcome to the forums phalaecus...
most guys now just change out the fets...
maybe somebody else can help you here in that department...

why don't you ask around or the person you bought it from... good luck...