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2007.02.26, 04:42 PM
Hey, I would like to see what people's setup is for HFAY.

2007.02.26, 05:04 PM
here is a good place to look, some of the faster drivers have their setups there.


2007.03.08, 11:18 PM

2007.03.11, 09:37 AM
I can't believe how different my car is from Spoon's.

PN 1.5 Knuckles
PN SS Kingpins
PN Spring Set - White or Purple Springs - Med or Med Hard
1 Lowering Shim - Associated Pancar Caster Spacer
0-1 Degree Toe-In

Almost the same to this point.

Hardest Kyosho T-Plate
PN LCG Motor Mount
PN ML Graphite Dampner
Heaviest Springs in Dampner - Blue
Kyosho Ball Diff
Carbon Ceramic Diff Balls
MZR Bearings

Enzo Body
3R and 1F
GPM 8 Rear
Kyosho Radial 20 front

With the different Bodies and Widths these two cars are opposites in the way we prepare the rear suspension. I tried a McLaren one HFAY last season and it was the worst I have ever run. Maybe, I need to do some experimenting with a McLaren with the rear as soft as possible..

Good info, makes you think..