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2007.02.27, 07:50 AM
I had intended to leave my second Micro-T more or less stock but Ö

When this intriguing idea popped into my head and I was unable to resist

My only concern was how well the single set of 3010 mosfets would compare to the parallel FETs used by the stock CB, but that proved to be a needless worry apparently Kyosho/KoPropo have considerably more experience propelling small scale RC cars than Losi does.

The Interactive Communication System (ICS) is more than a little helpful in a car the size of the Micro-T.
To the best of my knowledge there isnít an English manual for the Mini-Z LIT Manager V1.0 yet but the HG Manager for the Mini-Z AD band is nearly identical except for the additional Brake, Hi Point, and V. Inertia settings.

2007.02.27, 07:56 AM
awsome! how has the performance changed it at all?

i don't recall the lit pcb's being extremely expensive so they could be a good upgrade for those that already run ad band especially.

2007.02.27, 08:24 AM
awsome! how has the performance changed it at all?
Yes, it appears to be an improvement. I only say appears because I now donít have a stock car to compare it with, it seems to not only handle better but faster too, which I didn't expect, will need more time and testing to be absolutely sure.

i don't recall the lit pcb's being extremely expensive so they could be a good upgrade for those that already run ad band especially.

I believe the shop has them for around $76.

Arch BTW Can you email me your mailing address I have something that belongs to you.

2007.03.04, 11:05 AM
Brilliant LBRC, I've been hoping to see LIT conversions like this as the PCB is illogically inexpensive for the amount of tech inside vs. the other models. Would you be up for writing a How-To for us?! :)

2007.03.04, 01:03 PM
Any updates yet LBRC? Or too soon?

2007.03.04, 08:14 PM
Brilliant LBRC, I've been hoping to see LIT conversions like this as the PCB is illogically inexpensive for the amount of tech inside vs. the other models.
Been wondering abut that. On the surface it doesnít quite seem to make since, aside from itís shape the LIT CB is apparently an improved second gen KoPropo AD board, so why put it in the LIT? The overall area of the circuit board is roughly the same as the standard Mini-Z so to me it would make more sense putting the less sophisticated and presumably less expensive "i" series board in the LIT and the top-of-the line BET Band in the new NASCARís where fans may be a bit more willing to fork over extra cash for what appears to be the best all-in-one 4.8v board on the market today. Of course if we're lucky they could just be using the LIT as a convenient or opportunistic testing platform/step/faze on the way to developing a future generation crystal-less (unlimited channel) Mini-Z circuit board.
Would you be up for writing a How-To for us?! :)
Needed Parts:
One Mini-Z Lit CB.
One Mini-Z AWD Crystal lay down adapter.
Micro-T connector set.
8Ē cat 5 wire, Mini-Z Antenna, or equivalent.
One very small washer.
Soldering skills and equipment.
(Optional) 4 short M2 screws and nuts and 4 Mini-Z motor tabs.

Assembly: Solder wires on as per photoís, carefully bend the ISC pins to a 45 degree angle, then let it rip. To keep the Motor and Battery tabs on the CB clean I used Mini-Z motor tabs with 2mm machine screws and nuts to connect the motor and battery tab wires to the board, and for the antenna I used a Micro-T screw with a very small washer to screw the antenna wire to the left rear Micro-T CB mounting hole. Since I use a quick change battery mod on my McTís I also used RTV to secure/reinforce the battery and motor wires to prevent them from breaking with repeated battery swaps and motor maintenance.


Top view when on Micro-T

Any updates yet LBRC? Or too soon?
No new news. Am reasonably confident that the Lit CB will take a 7.4 volt LiPo but am in no hurry to try :eek: just in case it wonít. I wanted to try the Hot Racing Daytona tires which of course meant that it would need HR aluminim wheels to go with, and since I was ordering those I thought I might as well go ahead and try a set of rear knuckles too, and shocks :( which turned out to be a small disappointment after the Atomic on my other McT. Of course Murphyís Law sayís that everything would arrive in record time except the tires which will likely not show up until Tuesday.

2007.03.04, 08:23 PM
Awesome! I also just ordered a bunch of silver Hot-Racing alloy for my Micro-T. My payment will clear Monday and I should have parts by the end of Friday. Only problem is, when I made purchases earlier this week, I ordered the silver rear arms. At that time, they had four in stock, now they say they have no more in stock and will possibly refund my money for those arms. I did found another set of arms some where else, so as soon as I get my refund.
About the Lit, I've posted elswhere that I can mount regular sized Mini-Z wheels on the front, but the rear's are tricky. Any suggestions for the rears? The reason being, I plan on useing a 1/25 scale Revell Smart Car body on the LIt. It fits nearly 99% perfectly on the Lit, but the Lit's stock wheels are just too small for the Smart. The Smart requires the standard size wheels. It seems I need a custom made rear axle made where the threaded part is longer, and I need a custom locking system made for the left side. I have an idea in mind, but dont' have the skills to make one.

2007.03.04, 08:47 PM
Donít know if this will help or not. Itís a 1/32 project Iím working on.
Note; the LIT chassis will not fit under the Porsche body, this car will be part Epoch, part LIT, part Scalextric/Hornbey, and part me. One great thing about slot-car wheels is the amazing amount of different tire compounds and sizes available. I cleaned/drilled out the inside of the slot-car wheels then glue the LIT wheels in at the appropriate offsets for the body.

2007.03.04, 08:51 PM
Cool project, but not what I'm after. If you would read my thread, "Standard Size wheels on Lit", you'll see what I'm talking about. The left rear wheel is almost a bolt on, but the right side is where it needs that locking system. And the Smart Car really needs the standard size wheels. Check it out!

2007.03.04, 09:04 PM
That was what I had in mind, drill out the Mini-Z plastic wheel innards and epoxy the LIT wheel inside.

2007.03.04, 09:10 PM
Oh, ok. I think I see your idea. I took a look at the Lit's hub, and the standard wheel and I don't see how that will work well. There seems to be no way to center it properly and I don't want things all wobbly if you know what I mean. I know my idea will work, I just need it machined. I need a peice that will fit inside the standard wheel where the inner bearing usually sits. However, this custom bearing will need the "wing's" to lock to the wheel. Then, the bearing will need a notch cut in the center, to lock onto the axle.

2007.03.05, 03:50 PM
lbrc, what scale is that porsche body? is it the same size as epoch bodies? and where did you get it?

2007.03.05, 04:24 PM
...Itís a 1/32 project Iím working on.
...part Scalextric/Hornbey... One great thing about slot-car wheels is ....

1/32 Slot car body a little over an inch longer than an Epoch.

2007.03.13, 06:03 AM
Good news, the LIT CB will handle a 7.4 volt LiPo and the CB is efficient enough that the car also runs quite well with a 7.2v 350mAh AAA LiIon pack.