View Full Version : Traverse City - New Mini-z Nascar Club

2007.02.27, 08:32 AM
We are looking for those interested in racing the latest Mini-z, the Nascar i-series racers. Currently we are building a banked oval for true short track racing and we are looking to see if there is an interest in and around the Grand Traverse Area for racers. We would like to attract working professionals and families. Living here in the north, we all need some escape and there are times that skiing & sledding canít fill the void.

Let us know your name & email and we will start lining the cars up!

2007.02.27, 08:39 AM
I go up there once in a blue moon... overdue for a trip up there... family up there that I aint seen in a while. So I guess if the timeing is ever done right... I could make a personal express delivery from Tiny RC shop up there. ;) If the shop let me of course...

2007.02.27, 11:14 AM
That's where my wife & I honeymooned, we plan on going up there again this fall. I tried to find a hobby shop when I was up there last and nobody knew where one was. Next time I'll try to hook up with you guys.