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2007.03.04, 09:13 AM
It's been a while now since I have left mini z scenes back in 2004 and now some old friend are talking about setting up a track i used to have back then.

I have talked to a friend and he got an info from the net (can anyone show me an info on this on the internet) to just get a cheap & short haired carpet. The trick to make the carpet feels like asphalt with a good grip and durability is by heating them with a flame thrower (the ones used by automotive painter to peel of paints from a car) from a distance to make the hair wrinkle (you have to be careful when doing this as if you heat them too close you would get holes on your new carpet).

The next step is to spray automotive clear coat on top of the burnt carpet surface to protect it from wearing out when it makes contact with the mini z's tyres. However in the past I have tried heating the carpet with flame thrower. It worked great and the carpet gives superior grip, but the drawback is the carpet wears out really quick and I would have to replace the carpet very often. Has anyone tried this before as I am not really convinced to do this?

P.S. I thought about RCP mats but unfortunately they are not available in my country. As for other interlocking eva mats, the joints are really poorly made it made the z's fly off some times.

2007.03.06, 12:06 AM
well a track over here used tar paper... the kind that they used for roofing... don't know if it's similar to what you described...

you might want to try to use ozite or a similar type of thin pile carpet material, as this is what they use in h.k. and japan when i visited their tracks... there was an indoor track (unfortunately closed down) here that used a similar material but was for bigger scale cars, traction was pretty good...

good luck...

p.s. how's the mini-z scene in indonesia?

2007.03.06, 12:51 AM
tar paper? well i have thought about that (it says here on a few pages back). Does it last but? I mean would it tear if I run 1/18 scale. Any idea where I could buy them? I want something affordable, lots of traction, and easy to maintain. As for normal carpet without treatment it always collects and traps dust it is so hard to maintain. That was the idea of coating carpet with clear coat to make it last and probably easy to maintain.

The indonesian mini z scene is sadly dying now, as in my city alone there were maybe less than 15 people came up for the race last week.

2007.03.06, 10:34 PM
the tar paper worked with 1/18 scale cars too...


any pics of your track? and good luck with your project...