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2007.03.05, 12:33 AM


Saturday March 10, 2007
6:30PM Ė 8:30PM

2 Hour Endurance Race
2 Man Team

1st 30 Minutes - Lights On

2nd 30 Minutes - Lights Off

3rd 30 Minutes - Lights On

4th 30 Minutes - Lights Off

Surprise environmental elements

See if you have what it takes for this Endurance Race. Strategy is key to winning. Should you go with an upgraded motor, which requires more battery pit stops, or a stock motor with less pitting? Should you run your tires to the bone, or replace them every few laps? Install a light kit or neon stickers for when the lights go off? Itís entirely up to you! The team with the most laps at the end of the 2 hour race wins! Maximum of 12 teams, so sign up before itís too late! Transponders will not be provided. Purchase one if you donít already have one. Sign up before February 15, 2007 - $30 Entry Fee (per team) Sign up after February 15, 2007 - $35 Entry Fee (per team) Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.All participants will receive an Inside Line Racing T-Shirt


Stock board MR02/MA010, no mosfet boards allowed
Both drivers must take turns racing 1 car (start and finish with same car)
All car maintenance must be done at designated pit areas

Pit areas will be randomly appointed prior to start of endurance race

All teams must choose a team name


2007.03.24, 08:44 PM
How did your event go, can you give us any details or pics?

2007.03.27, 03:00 PM
How did your event go, can you give us any details or pics?

The event went well. We had 7 entries. Initially I thought that a two hour enduro would be a long event but after it was done, it seemed to short. We learned a lot about how to run an enduro. I will post more detail along with pics soon.


2007.04.10, 01:17 AM
"Two in the Pink" took honors that night.