View Full Version : Shout Out To The Shop

2007.03.05, 08:17 PM
Just wanted to take a minute, as a long time follower here at mini-z. Wanted to give a BIG thumbs up to the forum and shop here. With out this place i doubt i would have the interest that i have in mini-zs. Special props to mini-z (dave), for all the work and effort to keep us all happy. Thanks for taking care of my mini-z buying needs! ;) :)

Old Crow
2007.03.09, 12:34 PM
Could not have said it better myself, this site is a real tool for this cause.

2007.03.09, 12:36 PM
Absolutely agree!

2007.03.23, 12:23 AM
Easily the best run most informative forum I've been involved with, not to mention the shop, great values and great service. Thanks for your support of the community Mini-Z and the rest of the moderators.

2007.03.23, 01:23 AM
This is hands down the premier place for mini-z info. Ton's of great contribution and the moderators are on their game.

The shop is great. You order something, and it's at your door a few days later. Every time.

Not many other shops can say that.

Thanks a ton guys.