View Full Version : My Toyota Land Cruiser

2007.03.06, 08:21 PM
This is a wedding gift given by a buddy. It has some alumns, light kit and a ladder. Here are some pics:

2007.03.06, 08:23 PM
Here are some more pics:

2007.03.06, 11:56 PM
That's my kind of wedding gift. Nice pictures. The overland is great. Too bad it's hard to find a used one.

2007.03.07, 07:14 AM
Nice pics, I have the same landcruiser-minus the ladder and lights!

2007.03.07, 07:23 AM
very nice, a classis dakar land cruiser!

it's a very nice setup! i would only recommend adding the kyosho oil shocks and ball bearings if not already equiped. otherwise it looks just about right in terms of just enough aluminum and not too much other than the ladder....

2007.03.07, 09:24 AM
It has ball bearings and some metal gears in the gear box. My buddy bought it when it was released in Hong Kong some years ago and told the shop owner to mod it with all the options. Too bad the owner didn't give him back the stock red wheels. I would have asked for a MZM but it wasn't released at the time. I did thank him for this good looking truck though.

2007.03.21, 07:07 PM
yeah reallly thats a great wedding gift.