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2007.03.10, 09:21 PM
Ok, as I usually do I got excited and went a little overboard with my new interest. Well, at least not horribly overboard. I went and bought 2 mini-z's off ebay. The first is a MR01 Skyline with ball differential and carbon fiber h-plate. Other than that it's stock and unfortunately missing the wheel wrench.

The second I just bought tonight so I don't have it yet. It's pretty much a stock MR02 Enzo with little use on it and looked to have everything with it so hopefully a wheel wrench will be coming this week.

Hence, I will definitely come out this next Saturday the 10th to race.

Locally has anyone found a good source of AAA NIMH batteries? I was thinking of just buying some 850maH GP's from the web but I hate paying shipping costs for just a few batteries. I saw Walmart has 1000 maH Energizers for about 4 per $10 but I've had mixed results with Energizer cells. Any recommendations? What runtime do you guys usually get on the RCP track with your cells?

Also, does the shop that hosts the track stock any Mini-z parts at all? I will be needing some tires for sure I imagine. I had one of those Xmod-packs of tires around the house so I tried them. They fit more or less but are narrower than the Mini-z tires on the back. Obviously not the best solution, especially for the rears.

I'll be interested in looking at Billy's new radio if he comes. I have 2 Hitec Agressors around the house for my other RC's I put up for sale. If I can sell those I plan to switch to the MX-3 Airtronics (assuming I like the feel of it) so that I can use the same radio for all my RC cars including the Mini-z's.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

- Russ

2007.03.11, 09:11 AM
Wow, way to jump in head first! :D

Wheel wrench - they're cheap; and I know I have several I'll never use. I'll give ya one.

Batteries - there are a lot of different choices. I personally prefer Duracell 1000mAH batteries from Wal-Mart for $10/set. I charge them in an Energizer 15min charger and get pretty good punch and run time. A lot of the folks in ATL run different batteries; some Energizers, some PN's, some Intellect's.

Parts/Tires - the hobby shop does carry a lot of Kyosho brand parts; which are great if you really bust up your car. I prefer Atomic tires, but I have also ran GPM tires with great sucess. Again, you'll find all brands represented in the different racers at the hobby shop.

Radio's - I've been doing a lot of looking around at different radio's that would be compatible with Mini Z's and still in a decent price range. The MX-A is a very popular choice; as is the Futaba 2PL. I have a 2PL for running my larger vehicles; but it's on 75mgHZ, so I can't run my Mini Z's with it. A lot of the racers in ATL run the MX-A; so I would wager you might be able to get your hands on one.

Oh yeah, welcome! See ya next week. :cool:

2007.03.12, 10:29 PM
Hey Russ,

Congrats on your purchases! You can never get too excited over new toys (especially something as cool as Mini-Z's)! The Mini-Z runs great even without any hop-ups. I'm sure you'll be happy running it with the few extra parts that you have... of course you'll want to eventually buy all the cool stuff for them. :rolleyes: You will need some tires and I'm not sure there are any at the shop right now. We can come up with some for you to use if the ones you have don't work.

As to your questions, here's what I like to use:
- Airtronics MX-A (you can try mine and see if you like it).
- Duracell 1000's.
- The shop has very few Kyosho parts right now. Hopefully soon Miguel (the owner) will be putting in an order for some Atomics and possibly PN parts. I need to give him a list of things to order which I hope to get done this week.

Hope you can make it to the race this Saturday (17th). I look forward to meeting you! We can talk about the rental stuff then too. If you need to talk about it before then, feel free to contact me.