View Full Version : My First Bit-Char

2002.04.22, 01:47 PM
Thanks to Wedginator I had to spend 49.99 @ toywiz.com becuse thease things ROCK this is the bit char I got.

thanks alot Wedginator LOL.

now I am broke LOL.

here is my bit charg I bought the lil black truck hehe.

2002.04.22, 06:36 PM
you can get them for $30 on e b a y
i got the booster set with the universal controller for $38

2002.04.22, 07:23 PM
hehe.... no problem..... i hope u weren't sarcastic :D

2002.04.22, 08:10 PM
Kewl. Hope you like it. I got that one fer a friends birthday, and he really likes it, so cute, but his is yellow.

2002.04.23, 09:42 AM
Yep I will :) thanks guys and wedge yea I was only being sarcastic heh :-P

cant wait to drive thease things around the collage campos hehe

2002.04.23, 07:00 PM
RacerDerek, too late now, but before you go paying way to much for hop-ups next, wait until TinyRC.com gets them in, as our BC-Gs will be far less than $50!!

2002.04.23, 07:07 PM
sorry mini Z but I dont TRUST EBAY ay I got stung once 1 time did for me.

even though it was only 10 bucks USD but that was enuff. EBAY = HELL

2002.04.23, 07:44 PM
sorry mini Z but I dont TRUST EBAY ay I got stung once 1 time did for me.

RD, I know how you feel, I got ripped off for $250 on eBay. But we'll be selling them in our TinyRC.com shop, which is a name you can trust. :D

2002.04.23, 08:00 PM
note: Ebay did not rip you off, the seler/buyer you were dealing ripped you off.... and 25$ or higher, is required for ebay to insure the bid ;)

2002.04.24, 08:27 PM
...???...I said "I got ripped off for $250 on eBay" not "I got ripped off for $250 by eBay"...???

2002.04.26, 12:05 AM
i just purchased for $53 thats with shipping from china, a ae86 tune up box, it has just about everything, 3 sets of tires, 3 backends, drift suspension, 2.2 motor, 2 bodies (both tureno)
one red one wite, 5 hoods, and 3 spoilers, of course the car and remote, and i plan to get some extra bodies in the near future.