View Full Version : Left turn only setup

2007.03.12, 06:50 PM
Given the proliferation of the new Nascar series cars has anyone given any thought to a left turn only setup?

2007.03.12, 06:55 PM
I'd assume that you'd want stiffer springs and tackier tires on the outside.

2007.03.12, 07:00 PM
check chuckyluvs posts on dirt track driving.

2007.03.12, 07:04 PM
^ In addition, a wider offset on the outside helps cornering. Our old track only had one right hand turn. You could set your car up to fly thorugh every where but the right. It was a hairpin too, so didnt do too much good to run like that It was a pretty short track and you had to slide and hope you car turned, or stop/reverse to get around it. That set up was pointless and I havent had any reason to try it again. This was run on an 010 though, and I dont know how relevant it is to the new NASCAR series.