View Full Version : NW Hobby Expo to have mini-z track!

2007.03.14, 02:18 PM

I just confirmed that there will be an RCP track for people to race on. There might be rentable cars, and there might be demo cars (tamtech's as well as mini-z). Should be quite the track, last I heard specs had it at 4 tiles wide, so more than big enough for 18th scale as well as 1/28. I will also have my micro-t so we might add some jumps at various times during the day.

I'll be there all day Saturday helping out, so any MZR people please stop by (ask for Charles). If you're going to race, email me and I'll try to get more info on schedule or how it will work. I will also post more details here if/when I get them.

I want to say thanks to Kyosho in advance for making the demo possible by hosting the track!