View Full Version : Peroia, IL

2007.03.16, 03:06 PM
Anyone in the area want to race??? I have a mini 96 with expantion, long 45, and a chicane kit. I might even start a bi-weekly race my next big purchase is a lap counter???? If I can get about 10 people to come and race.

2007.03.18, 09:29 AM
Is anyone in the Peoria area at all???? Like Bloomington, Morton, Canton,????

2007.03.19, 07:29 PM
Good luck with starting up a club, it would be awesome to have another club nearby.

If you guys ever want to run on a larger track, or run the How Fast Are You Online Point Series (http://hfay.tinyrc.com) you are welcome to join us. We are down in Decatur Il so it is a bit of a drive....

2007.03.19, 08:51 PM
I know I have checked you web site looks fun :D but to far of a drive for an every other sunday thing. I was hoping to start one here later on the hfay thing. I'm wanting to see if there are others that might be interested for a small get to gether every other sunday. Starting about 5pm or so but so far nothing. So I might take the track to my friends house and race them there.