View Full Version : Swapping fet on Ad band board or even nellify it?

2007.03.20, 04:27 AM
I have installed an AD band board on my Mini Z monster and really do love how the steering works on it. However, despite it's already a 2x2 stacked fets, I still felt that it is a bit heavy to drive around(a lot of heavy Al parts on it).

Right now I have on hands are some 4562s and a spider v2.1, what I'd like to know is:

1) Which two are the forward fets on AD band, and which two are the reverse?

2) Could I follow the instruction of the spider installation and apply the same wiring onto my AD board?

3) Will I experience a delay for either the 4562 or spider/nelly? I remember reading the debates over this, and some seems to like the 3010 over the 4562...what do you think/feel?

4) Do I need a capacitor at the battery terminal to eliminate any interference for either the upgraded fets or Spider/nelly?

Thank you in advance?