View Full Version : Mamba 25 for Cheap- Should I Buy It?

2007.03.21, 12:47 AM
My local hobby shop is closing down for good and is clearancing out all merchandise.

They have a new-in-package Mamba 25 brushless speed controller that they ordered in for a guy who never picked it up- I can get it for $60. Should I grab it?

I have no immediate plans to go brushless, but I have thought of doing it at some point.

Let me know if I should buy it.

2007.03.21, 09:26 AM
You'd have a heck of a time getting the Mamba motor into a Mini Z; but you can always find cheap used Mini T's on ebay. That's a pretty good price on the ESC.

2007.03.21, 03:14 PM
Good price on the ESC. If you wanted a BL in a mini-z there are also 12mm BL motors available from Aon Electric and feigao. Only trick is that the motor shaft is 1.5mm so pinions won't be a direct fit.