View Full Version : Gil Losi, Jr. Moves To Kyosho America

2007.03.21, 04:22 PM

Mar. 20, 2007 - Gil Losi, Jr., an icon in the RC business and co-founder of Team Losi™, is coming to Kyosho America. Beginning in April, Losi will join the Kyosho America team as R&D Director in an effort to better align Kyosho products with the US market.

Gil Losi Jr. brings a wealth of racing and design experience to Kyosho, which began back in 1982, when he won his second and third World Championships with the Kyosho Scorpion in the stock and modified classes. Even though Team Losi would eventually make their own 2WD car, Gil Jr. and the Losi team continued to run the Kyosho Optima Mid 4WD and Lazer racecars until they introduced a car of their own in the late 90s. Gil Jr. had some input on the design a couple cars for other companies before designing the JR-X2 - the first of many Losi designs, all of which benefited from his racing and design experience.

Commenting on his move to Kyosho America, Losi said, "I'm excited to get in on the ground level to help build Kyosho America, much like I did with Team Losi - it was the most challenging time for me, but also the most rewarding." He adds, "I'm also excited to be joining such a well-established international company that will help expose our ideas to the entire RC world."

Racing success is a common thread shared with Losi Jr. and Kyosho, which will be much of his focus at Kyosho America. The technology and innovation that come from a strong racing program will also benefit our other product lines. Committed to innovative competition products that engage dedicated enthusiasts, Kyosho is excited to welcome Gil Losi, Jr.

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