View Full Version : Has anyone used VOODOO Fluid?

2007.03.22, 06:34 AM
Hi, just wanted to know what are the results afert using it.... how do you use it, and conclusions after using the fluid on your motors.

I wonder if it helps a lot... a little ... nothing....

2007.03.22, 10:29 PM
I use it every race :D

It lubricates the comm and enhances the conductivity of electricity from the brushes to the comm. Basically makes your car faster with more efficiency. The brushes also last longer and arc less. I allways use comm drops to break in motors as well.

You apply the drops directly to the comm... lasts about 3 minutes. There are thicker comm drops on the market, mainly marketed for larger scale cars. I have found that they tend to bind after a while if you do not clean the armature/comm after each raceday.

My stock Kyosho motors with comm drops are almost as fast as PN Speedy 05 or X-Speed without the drops... just for a comparison. ;)

2007.03.23, 06:44 AM
Thanks EMU, and excuse my ignorance, but how do you apply the drops? do you take the motor apart? or do you just apply them from the outside?

2007.03.23, 04:20 PM
On most motors there is a hole on the side of the endbell, directly between the brushes (opposite side where the brushes are soldered)... put one drop in there... and rev it up slowly to distribute the drop over the comm, then put it on the track. Really easy.

2007.03.26, 09:55 AM
i used the voodoo stuff for the first time last weekend and noticed a slight improvement with my awd in pro stock. Yea i'd use them again, the bottle will last forever with the mini-z motors.

2007.04.03, 08:55 AM
It's fantastic!!! I tried it this weekend on track, and did a test with my stock motor ...

On the Tamiya Speed tester, after applying Voodoo, the motor threw 5 km/h more than before!!! With the same batteries and same pinion. Great!

On track, It was amazing!

Now, I wonder..... how long does this last? how often should it be used? Is more than one drop "countereffective"?

I guess experience will have the anwser.

2007.04.03, 09:41 AM
Since these drops have a low viscosity, if you use too much there arent many bad side effects... Other drops that have higher viscosity will slow down the motor almost to a crawl if too much is used. If you have a BB motor, try not to use too much at one time, since the drops arent good for the bearings. Its fine to use the drops every run, because you will get less brush wear, and in time the motors will become faster even without the drops since the brushes will arc less. I just clean out my motors once a week (race night). And runtime is a little longer...