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2007.03.23, 10:51 PM
Hi all,

Good news to all Mini-z racer in Singapore, a New Mini-Z Cafe/restaurant called Melwood Z Racer. There is Mini-Z shop selling readyset (MR015/02 and AWD) and many option parts from Atomic, 3 racing, GPM...etc. The indoor air-conditioned RCP track is the largest in Singapore (almost 2 sets of 50size 96pcs circuit) with the Core Speedway Lap timing system. In additional to, there is a very nice table top carpet track for drifting your AWD.

Address: 511 Upper Jurong Road, Arena Country Club, at the Golf Range (Melwood), behind BurgerKing.

Monthly Races.
Ample Free Parking.

See you there! :)
Melwood Z Racer

2007.03.25, 10:09 PM
any more info? and pics :D thanks and congratulations...

2007.10.26, 12:59 AM
is it still there???

2007.10.26, 03:15 AM
i think this track shut down too... got this message from one of the guys over there... from the thread... http://mini-z.com.sg/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2917

"Hi Herman,
seems no one play mini z in Singapore anymore, they closed the shops in tekka mall and also the one in jurong...
dunno if anyone open a new shop n mini z track again, coz some players are still playing rc, hopefully one day they come back.... "

so if he is pertaining to the track in jurong, this might be it... just not sure...
are you in singapore?

try to contact this guy... i think his email still works...

S.C Speed Racer Club (Singapore)
Mini-Z Pro-shop+Circuit
by: Seow Choon Games Specialist Pte Ltd
33A Jalan Besar Singapore 208799
email: admin@sc-speedracer.com
web: http://www.mini-z.com.sg/

or try posting on http://www.mini-z.com.sg/forum/

2009.12.28, 10:04 PM
The Mini-Z is back!

Visit our website for more information.

Email: atomiccollective@gmail.com

Bring your rides and join us at our indoor racing circuit.

See ya!

2010.01.16, 12:16 PM
Not to forget us...

We are running a monthly H.F.A.Y with great prizes to be won.

Still tuned for series races..