View Full Version : Xmod motor into mini-z?

2007.03.23, 11:12 PM
I have an MR01 that may need a new motor in the next while. I've seen lots of comment about taking a mini-z motor and placing it in an Xmod but not the other way around. Is that because the mini-z motors are better than all the xmod motors, including the upgraded ones? I picked up a set of 4 evo xmod upgrade motors from the shack the other day for $8. Would any of these work as a good replacement for the mini-z MR01 motor eventually or would it be better to just use an official mini-z motor. I don't know the specs of the stock MR01 motor so I guess I might at least get some idea by trying to look that up.

2007.03.24, 12:19 AM
Stick with Kyosho... I've dropped Stage 2 Xmod armatures into BB cans already and they were not near as punchy as the stock Kyosho armatures. The Xmod motors work fine in a Z, but they just don't seem to react like a Kyosho motor.

Would seem logical that a Stage 2 would be closer to an Xspeed... but it's not. (speaking from my own experiences here... could've just gotten a bad Stage 2 motor... maybe.)

2007.04.13, 08:06 PM
The circuit board is designed for a kyosho motor. The equipment on the X mod is far inferior to the kyosho mini z. That is why the circuitry on the X mod will accept the mini z motor and perform better. However, the circuitry on the mini z will only accept the superior kyosho motor.

However, you can upgrade the FET's on the stock mini z MR-01 circuitboard to put in other upgrade motors. The motor in the X mod is similar to a basic radio shack generic electric motor. The armatures in these motors are far less substantial than the kyosho motor, as the X mod is aimed more at kids and beginners rather than serious racers such as those who own and race mini z's. You can research these online.


2007.04.14, 02:12 AM
atomic mods had a sale a while ago and dumped a bunch of the stock xmod motors for like $1 each. I picked up 10 of them. We ran them at the club. They work. They won't burn up your mini-z. If you have them, just run them and see for yourself. We all thouht the stock Kyosho was better.

If you want a kick butt stock motor for you z, go with a PN Speedy 07, or the Atomic Standard.

2007.04.14, 07:38 PM
I dont know if you guys got bad motors or what, but I have pulled several of the old stage 2 armatures out of x-mod motors and built them for myself and other members of our club. I like it, and it is faster than my X-speed in the same can. Maybe I had a bad X-Speed?

2007.04.14, 08:38 PM
You might have, Lamer. Remember that X-Speed I ran in my blue 350Z; it was picking up tires like a go-cart! :D

2007.04.14, 09:23 PM
heck if I know. the X-Speed I run in my Stock-board 02 is slower than the Stage 2 also. Heck, I dunno