View Full Version : Anyone try GP1100's yet?

2007.03.23, 11:36 PM
RC mart has them. I don't really need that much mah as the mains I compete in are no more than 7 minutes. However, theses are good for those of you who run in modified classes with long mains.

I've just been hearing alot of people talk about the Fuji cells. I would think GP batteries would perform better.

2007.03.24, 06:01 PM
it's called value. fuji are great performers for the price. At their cost, you could charge at 2A for a race and throw them out afterwards or give them away to some kid.

GP demand a much higher price and thus you would want to take care of them to make them last.

In the end, there are only a handful of battery manufacturers anyway. I've yet to talk to the right ppl who know that information. At one time I was told Sanyo bought GP and that is why Sanyo were only selling industrial in North America, then blah blah...did some research and come to find out Sanyo and GP did a joint venture but nobody bought anybody out. It's hard to know who the real manufacturers are. A small key is the spec sheets. They are the differentiator between cells. That and trying the things out.

Bottom line, buy what is available local to you and at a price that you can tolerate for your needs.

To get the spec sheet, I've noticed only the China (i.e. Hong Kong) GP site has updated spec sheets. All the other GP sites have old data. Check it out.
Keep an eye on internal resistance figures and weight.