View Full Version : Melbourne Mini-Z Racers

2007.03.24, 07:12 PM

Just wondering if there are any active mini-z racers in Melbourne? An old post mentioned there was a track at N2C in the city, does anyone know if this still exists? I sent them an e-mail, awaiting response.

I bought an mr-01 some 4 years ago. It had been collecting dust for a few years until I pulled it out again recently unfortunatly broke a servo gear. So I looked it up online to see if I could get a replacement and now i'm hooked. I've ordered some parts to fix the mr-01 and a R34 Skyline MA-010 Readyset should get it this week.

Does anyone know a decent store that still stocks mini-z stuff in melbourne, I was told by one place that no one was importing them anymore.


2009.08.22, 08:39 AM
just a quick callout to see if there are still any mini-z racers in Melbourne?

if your in Melbourne or Australia.. drop a note in this thread!