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2007.03.25, 12:39 AM
Bought 100 AAA Fujicells and I have been charging them on Maha C-801D and C-9000 chargers. I am recording the capacities and voltage values in an effort to find the optimum breakin/charge/discharge rates. I am doing the same thing with 6 sets of Intellects. All batteries are being formed or conditioned first and then cycled three to five times at C rates of .5C to 1C. I am tracking the capacity and Volts after each cycle in an effort to detirmine how many cycles at what C rate produce the best results. Each battery is individually numbered. There are many permutations here and I may never find a difinative answer but I do expect to be able to make some general evaluations eventually.

Fujucell 1000's - Thirty batteries tested. Highest capacity attained so far is 953mAh. Lowest capacity attained is 842mAh. Average is 924mAh.

Intellects 750's - Twenty four batteries tested. Highest capacity attained so far is 744mAh. Lowest capacity attained is 673mAh. Average is 713mAh. Anyone else tracking their batteries in a similar way? If so please let us hear from you.

I have had at least four Intellects vent!!!! At least two of them sprayed or misted out the + end of the battery leaving a white corrosive deposit on the battery charger contacts. Two Intellects actually leaked electorlyte out the + end. I heard it happening once and looked on as electrolyte was forced out and began filling the battery cradle. I have had Intellects vent before and blamed my high rate Duracell 30 min. charger for the problem. I'm told the likely problem is deformed seperators. Anyway, no such problems with the Fujicells as yet.

Ran a 250 lap race today. Six medium skilled racers on the current HFAY track layout so it was a bit congested. It took just under 1/2 hour. I ran Fujicells, stock MA-010 motor and 3010 fets. Completed the race without a battery change! I had clearly lost punch/power but not nearly to the extent that I could drive without letting off for the corners. I was pretty impressed with the Fuji's.

Anyone else have preliminary information to share on the Lacrosse or Maha chargers and their batteries? How about peak charger and Fujicells?

2007.03.26, 09:46 AM
I will take receipt of my shipment of 200 cells this week. I will provide feedback in this thread. Regarding the C9000 chargers, no issues to date. I have run them for about 2 weeks straight in break-in mode for all my old cells. I've seen some terrific results. In particular, I have some 1500 NiCd Sanyo cells (AA) that I use around the house, they came back to 1490' capacity after 2 break-in mode cycles. I would buy more, but 4 is enough for me.

2007.03.26, 10:19 AM
I broke in a few intellects last year (maybe 10 sets) and most of them were coming in above 750. I had a few that were around 700 maybe in the high 600's.

I am also tracking about 40 fujicell 1000's. I can post the info on those in a few days.

2007.03.26, 04:31 PM
Here are my results charging on a Triton. Note that the settings are as entered into the triton and are per cell where applicable. I used the first set this weekend at the NW hobby expo and drove my MA-010 off and on all day. Probably a total of 40 minutes or perhaps a bit more. AWD is stock + bearings + atomic swing shafts. After the first 2 cycles, discharging/charging was done on a fan so the cells never got more than lukewarm. From what others have said I might want to do a few more low power cycles to "form" the batteries before kicking up the charge rate. I wanted to make sure I had enough battery to last the day, so I speed through prepping 3 sets. That turned out to be a total non-issue, but I'm sure the batteries will be ok for my needs and the first set certainly performed well.

pack 1
0.2A dis, 1.0V cutoff / 0.2A charge 5mV deltaV peak detect
cycle 1: 263mAh / 424mAh
cycle 2: 433mAh / 558mAh
0.5A dis, 0.8V cutoff / 0.5A charge 5mV deltaV peak detect
cycle 3: 583mAh / 611mAh
1.5A dis, 0.9V cutoff / 0.9A charge 7mV deltaV peak detect
(1000mAh safety cutoff)
cycle 4: 604mAh / 1000mAh

For the next 2 packs I set the safety cutoff to 1200mAh. I would have thought 5mV would have detected the peak properly but I guess more cycles at low rate were needed? The cells were not more than lukewarm even after packing in 1200mAh though...

pack 2
0.2A dis, 0.9V cutoff / 0.2A charge 6mV deltaV peak detect
cycle 1: 318mAh / 858mAh
cycle 2: 813mAh / 849mAh
1.5A dis, 0.9V cutoff / 0.9A charge 6mV deltaV peak detect
cycle 3: 830mAh / 1200mAh

pack 3
0.2A dis, 0.9V cutoff / 0.2A charge 6mV deltaV peak detect
cycle 1: 297mAh / 903mAh
cycle 2: 840mAh / 888mAh
1.5A dis, 0.9V cutoff / 0.6A charge 5mV deltaV peak detect
cycle 3: 794mAh / 1200mAh

2007.04.01, 04:54 PM

Just finished with 3-4 packs on the breakin cycle on the maha c9000 chargers. Here are results of the 1st cycle:

pack 1: (mah/time/voltage)
cell 1: 968/320/1.42******after zappping and 3 cycles***926/60/1.47
cell 2: 940/315/1.42*****************************899/59/1.47
cell 3: 957/317/1.40*****************************911/59/1.46
cell 4: 968/320/1.42*****************************891/99/1.47

pack 2: (mah/time/voltage)
cell 1: 957/319/1.42*****************************904/59/1.47
cell 2: 895/297/1.41*****************************833/55/1.45
cell 3: 944/311/1.41*****************************850/55/1.46
cell 4: 904/300/1.41*****************************862/56/1.46

pack 3: (mah/time/voltage)
cell 1: 965/227/1.41*****************************939/40/1.44
cell 2: 924/268/1.41*****************************881/45/1.44
cell 3: 898/294/1.41*****************************854/55/1.47
cell 4: 910/234/1.41*****************************881/42/1.44

EDIT: I have now done 3 cycles after the initial breakin and zapping at 32V. As you can see, zapping for most of the cells made a HUGE difference in voltage, i.e. I got 1.47V on most! THe best I ever got when matching before for any cells without zapping was 1.44V and that was only for like 4 out of 50.

2007.04.04, 06:25 PM
Just finished with another 3 packs woken up with C9000 breakin mode. Then zapped with 32V. Will let them rest and then cycle 3x and then match. Will provide numbers then for info purposes to everyone.

pack 4: (mah/time/voltage)
cell 1: 919/216/1.41
cell 2: 943/276/1.40
cell 3: 790/276/1.36
cell 4: 953/247/1.41

pack 5: (mah/time/voltage)
cell 1: 865/447/1.41
cell 2: 932/310/1.41
cell 3: 912/301/1.40
cell 4: 957/318/1.42

pack 6: (mah/time/voltage)
cell 1: 961/319/1.41
cell 2: 947/318/1.40
cell 3: 876/453/1.39
cell 4: 938/314/1.41

Just starting to cycle the other batch where I zapped first and then 2 cycles, will zapp again and then match.

2007.04.14, 12:06 PM
please see update of my 1st reply post above as it now has post zapping and cycling numbers....i.e. 1.47V now.

2007.04.16, 06:22 AM
What Volts have you seen in the past from the intellects that you tracked?
Also can you feel a punch difference in the Intellects and the fujicells on the track?

2007.04.16, 09:04 AM
hgod, I'm still in the process of doing my thang with all the new cells I bought (150 cells). Once done, I can/will provide driver feedback. For now, I've still got a lot of work to be done to get them to that point.

Regarding intellects, the most I ever got from those was 1.44V and that was only 1 cell out of 10 (4) packs. The rest were 1.43/1.42

2007.04.16, 12:27 PM
I have 100 of the fuji cells. So far I'm not all that impressed. I'm also using the c9000. But it looks like the key is to zap them.

Can you explain exactly how to do that? I'd like to give it a try but I have no idea how to do it.


2007.04.16, 01:59 PM
hgod, I'm still in the process of doing my thang with all the new cells I bought (150 cells). Once done, I can/will provide driver feedback. For now, I've still got a lot of work to be done to get them to that point.

Regarding intellects, the most I ever got from those was 1.44V and that was only 1 cell out of 10 (4) packs. The rest were 1.43/1.42

Thats kinda why I ask as voltage is not the whole story. A low voltage pack with a low IR will feel better on the track then a pack with slightly higher voltage high IR pack.

Just curious if they feel good on the track punch wise as intellects. My packs always feel best 2-3 runs into a weekend as the wake up.

2007.04.17, 11:10 AM
hp, I agree, but that is why I provided battery AAA specs for everyone which arch made into a sticky for us.

the ir for fujicells are in line with other more expensive 1000 Mah cells. I picked 1000Mah since I want my club to go to longer races/heats as well as I run an ad-band MR-02 which chews juice. you just can't ignore the price of fuijcells...(IMO) they're almost giving them away.

2007.04.17, 11:15 AM
my intellect 750 have soo much more puch than the fuji 1k however i can run the fuji's for both 5min heats and maybe full mains. they are nice and even in performace and as sinister mentioned, you just can't beat the price. the longer run times i think work well for awd cars that tend to drain cells quicker than racers. i use these for my awd cars and intellects in my racers unless i'm practicing or having fun where the endurance fuji's work nicely.

thanks for the continued reviews and information sinister.