View Full Version : HobbyZone Mini Mauler: Reloaded!

2007.03.25, 09:02 PM
I toasted the stock ESC/RX in my Mini Mauler over a year ago, and that made me sad, so I bought a couple things to fix it up. Then I threw all that stuff in a box and forgot about it. Now; a year later; I found this project box, and I just had to finish it!

I bought a NanoDragon ESC/RX from Toy East for cheap; but it's a little bigger than the stock Mini Mauler ESC/RX. The MM is on the right, the NG is on the left.

So I put the new board in sideways and drilled a hole in one end of it and ran a screw through it into the chassis.

So here he is; ready to rock and flip double wheely backflips! :D


So the parts list:
1) HobbyZone Mini Mauler RTR
2) HobbyZone bearing kit
3) Hitec HS-81MG metal gear servo
4) NanoDragon ESC/RX combo board
5) Trinity Micro Monster HP motor
6) E-Flite motor heat sink
7) HobbyZone 6-cell NiMH battery pack

But the big question: is it fast? Yeah, it's fast. ;) It's the new Wheely King in my stable. :D