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2007.03.25, 11:02 PM
There has been lots of hype about these little buggies....so I figured I would pick one up just to check it against the competition.
Went by my local RS only to find that the standard $99.00 price quoted on the web was in fact incorrect, our RS had them on sale at $49.00 so I went home with a new Pro-Pulse Pro-B100 Buggy under my arm.


First I checked the web sources and found that the Pro-Pulse buggy and truck price out at $99.00 through your local RS store or on-line. There are soon to be a fair line of optional and up-grade parts available.
The packaging is very attractive and the system is well mounted inside the box. But we didn't plunk down our money for a pretty box....so let's open it up and take a look....
To me this buggy looks to be a 85% clone of the associated RC18B, the top-plate looks a bit different, and the servo-saver and steering arms are slightly different, it does look like most all of the aftermarket hop-up and Associated replacement parts should fit with little problem (things like arms, hubs, shocks, towers, ect ect).
Oh look a little piece of paper that lets us know that the kit is NOT a RS product but is made by Megetech (a name most of us has at least heard of).
The overall build is very clean and looks to be of good quality, this may well be the very first "Hobby-Grade" R/C sold through RS.
So far I am impressed.


Now lets take a little closer look at what we actually get for the money....
We are all used to getting cheap RTR kits with plastic bushings, worthless hard compound tires, a stock motor that couldn't rev high enough to spin the tires, and radio transmitter that was designed to fit a toddling infants hand....is that what we are going to get here?

The list of things you get in this set is long, we will start off with a full set of 15 ball bearings, a set of oil filled shocks (they do come dry in the set, I guess the actual oil is an option, but they are still much smoother than any of the stock spring only boinger shocks found on most RTR sets), an aluminum finned motor mount, aluminum center drive shaft, nice soft pinned tires pre-glued to the rims WITH foam inserts, Dual ball diffs, a lexan body that is very nice with a decent paint job (at least on the buggy, however the truck body is hideous and should be thrown out and replaced right away..), SEPERATE electrical componets....YEAH! no more all-in-one units...a standard three wire servo...three channel FM receiver....programable ESC (programable in the fact that you can set it to either street or track which internally adjusts the the throw of the throttle (now what that means exactly I don't know, haven't had the time to check everything yet, but looks promising)....and finally a FM transmitter with steering and throttle trim and steering dual rate adjustments...and it fits in my fully developed adult male hand!, These are all standard on the Pro-Pulse B100 Buggy........hhhmmmmm Associated didn't include any of those with the base RTR RC18B set!?!?

(one note: the Pulse buggy does NOT come with a battery or charger, those are purchased seperately)


OK, got a 1200 7.2 sport pack all charged, got batts in the transmitter, lets go burn some rubber (if this cheapy clone has the guts)

I hit the throttle and my eyes lit up like a 7 year old boy on Christmas morning.....this thing had guts! Big flaming gobs of greasy grimey gopher guts!
I have never seen a RTR kit of any scale that had as much punch and speed right out of the box....AMAZING!
I have two buddies who both own RC18s one truck, one buggy, both were jaw dropped by this little buggies speed, torque, and handling!
This buggy handles very well in it's stock form....a little tuning and it will be a dream to drive. I spent the first half the first pack just drifting around the small dirt patch out beside the house (I think there may be a 1/18th dirt track going in there later this month when it dries up a little)


Is this thing worth the $49.00 I spent on it? WITHOUT A DOUBT!
Is this thing worth the regular $99.00 price? Yes considering the quality of the build, the availability of aftermarket parts and options AND all the extras that you get in the kit I would say it is a very good value for an entry level 1/18th scale AWD buggy. It's about $50-$60 less than the Associated RC18B/T and if you add in the costs of all the goodies (oil shocks, bearings, dual ball diffs ect) then it becomes a great value!


Basic Pro-B100 chassis, near clone of the Associated RC18B, but this has added goodies!

Close up of rear hub, bearings, aluminum motor mount

Comparison of Pro-B100 front and RC18T front, shows similarities and slight differences

Comparison of Pro-B100 rear and RC18T rear, shows similarities and slight differences

Attractive body work on finished product....who wants to race?

2007.03.26, 08:02 PM
Great review.
:eek: $49?! Get me one! :D

Do you think it could handle a brushless set up?

2007.03.26, 09:35 PM
One of the hop-ups that will be available soon is a brushless motor set-up for around $100

Check the parts and info at Pro-Pulse (www.propulse.com)

2007.03.26, 10:11 PM
great review... :D
any pics of the tx? and hopefully close ups of the electronics... :D

2007.03.26, 10:44 PM
Herman, your request is my command to get up and snap some pics.....I have pics of both






sorry about the shaky pics, got them in a hurry, hope this is what you needed....I am going to change the wheel on the transmitter, don't like the rubber one that came stock, I think I would rather have foam....but the trans does fit in an adult hand <NICE PLUS!>

any other questions? I will try to answer as best I can, since this car is "In Hand" this will be a progressive thread...as I learn or find more it will all get posted here....knowledge sharing is encouraged

2007.03.28, 12:32 AM
Thanks for the review DBR... I am going to stop by my local RS and check out their pricing... if I can find one for ~75... im definitely going to pick one up. I will however switch the RX for a 27AM so I can use either my MX-A or 2PL...

Will Mini-T rear wheels work?

On most of my 1/18 offroad cars I have switched over to 1/10 touring wheels with Tamiya Rally tires (last VERY long, and has GREAT bite on the gravel type surface I run on)... which was an easy switch for the Vendetta since it uses standard 1/10 hex adapters on its wheels... I mainly did the switch to increase the ride height and prevent bottoming out...

Is the spur gear enclosed? get jammed by gravel easily? can you get an undershot of the chassis?

Thanks alot for this review. I have seen a few, but they just get bashed about it being RS crap. I am all for RS releasing a HOBBY grade RC. I have owned a few in the past, and all but one (got it for a b-day present, mother chose it out when I was 8) have treated me well and made me feel that I got my moneys worth. Of course that was before I knew anything about Hobby grade RC's.

I mainly use my 1/18 stuff for bashing, and racing in the park for fun with dots... Durability, performance and cost are my main points... This would also make a GREAT car for a spec class, since it is VERY cheap to get, and easily available. I am going to test one, then sell it to a friend for cheap. He has been interested in getting another RC (has an old RS truck) but is very scared of the $400 pricetag that each of my cars have... and he sees how often I break them (arms, turnbuckles, hubs). Of course his car wont have a brushless motor like my Vendetta :P

My most durable car is my 1/10 Tamiya Blazing Star. I love it... I have never broken anything on it, however I have lost a few hinge screws which put it out of commission for a little while. Which is the main selling point that I can tell my friends. The parts are cheap, and available less than a 20 minute walk away, either uptown or downtown... I just wonder if they will carrry any good 2/3A packs. Does this use a standard 6cell shotgun pack, or side by side pack? I have quite a few shotgun packs, but only 1 side by side...

2007.03.28, 09:48 PM
Update and answers for EMU

The spur is about the same as the RC18 as far as enclosure, could always be sealed better.
Shot-gun batt packs do fit great, side-bys should fit also but I don't have any to test.
I too am going to switch out to a 27AM reciever (have lots of crystals and radios for that.
RC18 shock towers will not fit the PP without also changing the gear case covers.....oh well...RS has towers (the PP uses the same tower front and rear and same on buggy or truck, only body munts used are different, when you buy the replacement set you get two towers and all the body mounts for $10)
This car is NOT built with toy grade plastic but rather a nice soft and tough nylon similar to that used by RPM parts.
RC18 or MiniT rear wheels all fit fine, so you're not stuck with the overpriced RS stuff there.
Check the E-Bay for deals less than the RS price, I have seen them there for about $70

2007.03.28, 10:17 PM
I checked out my local RS, and they only had one Truck, but lots of parts...

From what I could see, it looks pretty nice. I just wouldnt use their chargers/battery packs... The Team Losi Peak charger (~1hr) would be a better charger (RS charger is around 10hr), and the IB1400 packs would be better batteries. I have a DTX Digi Pulse charger and 2 Losi Peak chargers... I noticed that the PP batteries are a 2x2+2x1... I have no clue why they layed them out like that...

The dual motor setup does intrigue me, as I have not used dual motors before...

Do you know if there are any differences between the buggy and truck besides the bodies/wheels? I wish they had both at my local RS for me to look at :(

I may pick one up next week... although I do have a few Trinity Blade and Itsy Bitsy Spider chassis/parts that I have to setup as well... its time to get the outdoor stuff running again :D

2007.03.28, 10:26 PM
the only difference between the buggy and truck is the wheel/tire and body, everything else is identical...I am impressed with the little car, the more I look the more I like, I really expected much much less

I use a 1200 shot-gun stick pack (was a freebie from RCM) and works great and I may end up with some 2600 AA packs. Might have to rework the hold down strap but the extra capacity will give extra run time

2007.03.28, 10:38 PM
My Pro-Pulse Pro B-100 Buggy with Losi Mini-T chrome disc wheels and Losi Mini-Smasher tires....almost a truggy now.


From what I could see, it looks pretty nice. I just wouldnt use their chargers/battery packs... I noticed that the PP batteries are a 2x2+2x1... I have no clue why they layed them out like that...
I believe the battery pack is configured that way to allow various placements of items in the chassis such as dual motors, recievers ect ect for weight bias and balance..

The dual motor setup is kinda cool, you won't get much more speed but you will get a load of bottom end torque (the car has plenty already!) Wanna make a 4X4 MT Crawler?!?!?!

2007.03.28, 10:50 PM
Looks great with those tires, not a big fan of chrome wheels, but it does look good.

About the AA batteries, you may have issues with the weight distribution... But the extra capacity may come in handy for endurance bashing :P

2007.03.28, 11:07 PM
yeah but chrome was all they had in stock at my lhs....the AA's I can always run a saddle pack like thier stock batt 4 on the one side and 2 on the other

2007.03.28, 11:10 PM
OR..... you could use 2 motors on one side to balance it out :p

edit: this thread should help out alot with parts that are compatable with the PP

2007.03.30, 11:21 PM
....just picked up a Losi Mini-Baja Bug body for this little ripper, as soon as the paint is dry and I get it mounted I'll post you all some pics (probably tomorrow) :)

2007.03.31, 11:41 AM
Picked up a ProPulse buggy yesterday on my lunch break... last one the RS around my job had. Cost ~109 after tax. I just bought the RTR, nothing else. After checking out the feel of the chassis, it looks better than I expected. Plastic feels similar in consistancy as my Vendetta... and I like that the front and rear arms are the same, so you dont need to double up on parts for the arms.

After I got out of work I rushed home to start digging my 2/3A batteries and charger out. I noticed that the PP uses a different battery plug than all of my batteries... not a problem. I had an extra lead with the micro connector. So I soldered it on... I continued inspecting all the fine details of the car, and noticed out of factory that they have the wheels very tight, and they bind a little... Pulled out my MR01 wheelnut tool and loosened each wheel about 1/8 of a rotation... much easier to rotate the wheels now, and the same amount of slop.

After doing that I was ready to put on the wing. So I started looking for it... I searched the entire box and all packaging, and cant find it. Checked my Vendetta wing for size since I havent seen any wings at RS for the PP, but the holes are too wide for the PP (and the wing is glued onto the Vendetta, the mount broke during a ~50mph tumble).

By that time I had finished charging a set of IB1200... and out my IB1400 stick in the charger and was ready to go out to test the car. I grabbed the PP transmitter and started threading the Antenna in to the TX... and it wouldnt thread in.. I had to push the antenna sideways as I inserted it to get it down to where the threads are... Not really a problem. I opened the bottom of the transmitter to put batteries in... and there were already batteries. Thats wierd... then I looked at the crystal in the car and the TX... #1 in TX and #2 in car!!! WHAT. RS was closed by that time, and in the packaging there were 2 orange pieces of paper that said if there were problems with the car to call 1-888-MEGA-911... before going to RS about the product. the hours on it were 9:30-4:30... too late to do that...

Started pulling out all my stuff. found my Airtronics 27mhz RX that came with my MX-A. Its the exact same size as the RX on the PP... great. This should work perfectly :D With a huge grin on my face, I pop off the zipties that hold the RX in place on top of the servo tape. pull the antenna out of my orange dubro tube... pull off the RX and put my Airtronics RX on there with my last piece of servo tape, and use a ziptie to hold it the same way the stock one was on there. I started plugging in the ESC... no go! wouldnt fit in the RX plug, great!!! pulled out a Futaba MC330R ESC... pulled off the stock one, and put the futaba in its place. It is a little bigger, but still fits under the body without a problem. I go to plug in the servo, oops... should have checked that before going through the hassle of changing the ESC. Doesnt fit.

Dug through my RC stuff to try to find a micro servo that would work... the only thing that I had was a Mini-T stock servo... but I did find another RX. Dont know the brand, but the plugs work and all systems are go. This RX is about double the size of the stock and Airtronics and bigger than all of my Futaba RX's, and wont fit under the body if mounted the proper way. On top of that, I was out of servo tape and zip ties at this point. So Electrical tape it is. If I put it on an angle between the servo and motor, it fits under the body well.

I just finished charging my third battery at this point (discharge 2A/charge at 2.5A)... So I know ill get some good runs in to see how this thing handles, and what I need to adjust to make it drive well on the surface that I plan to abuse it on. My phone rings... some friends that I havent seen in about 10 years are around catching up... why tonight!!! I tell them ill see them in about 10 minutes. They are meeting right where I am planning to run the car, which was our old hang out when we were in HS. As I get out there, they decide that we should go to a bar... so I dont even get to test out the car.

I just woke up, and I have to leave to go to my mini-z races in a little while, since it takes about 2.5hrs to commute... so I doubt that I will be able to test it today... unless I go out right now... ehh... ill be right back ;)

From the looks if it, I got a car that was returned, and didnt get the wing or correct crystals... oh well... gotta make it work somehow, and email Megatech later to see about getting my wing...

I just ran it for 2 battery packs. The car reminds me of how my Vendetta felt when I first got it. Speed is good, acceleration is good, handling is good (need to loosen rear diff a little to get more steering). Overall I would say it is worth the money spent. Out of the box I think it would give a stock Vendetta a good run. I just wouldnt use the PP batteries/charger. For the price that you would get a battery/charger pack, you could get the Team Losi Peak charger and an Intellect pack which I would think would outperform the PP packs. My runtime was around 10-15 minutes, and the motor gets hot. I think I may have to try one of my Trinity modified motors in there to see how long it will run.

Time to pack for my races, looks like I wont have any practice time at the track... but I just had to test out the PP, and it has been better than what I expected out of it. Despite the somewhat open gearbox, I didnt get anything that jammed... just a couple noisy pebbles. When I used to setup a track I used to use my 1/10 Tamiya to clear the track line with a battery pack or two... after that running, the 1/18 cars run much better on it since the larger rocks are not on the main line. If you push too far off the line, it gets rough though :P

2007.04.01, 01:46 AM
EMU, sorry to hear you got a return (RS does that all the time, puts their returns back on the self if it still looks good)...I'm sure you will be happy with the performance, I haven't stopped grinning yet!

Your right about the arms being the same front and rear, that does cut the parts requirements down, you also notice that the shock towers are the same front and rear too.

I did get the Baja body mounted (with a couple of custom posts in the rear) it does sit just a tad high, but that just allows for full suspension motion without hitting the body. It sits high due to the shock towers being slightly higher than the RC18 or LST towers....but I can live with that.

I did add a small lexan dirt shield on each side of the chassis to keep those Mini-Smashers from filling the chassis with debris (an old trick from my dirt racing days) they don't show in the pics but they are there.



It's been years since I painted a lexan body and no working airbrush available sooo.......not too bad for a hand brushed job.

2007.04.01, 05:55 PM
That body looks great :D Love the paint as well, cant tell it was with a brush if you didnt say so.

I am happy with the performance of the stock ESC... brake to reverse is a little too fast, I would prefer the 3 second delay that the LRP ESC's that I have use... Do you know how many amps the receiver is rated, or if it will handle hot motors?

I am going to send Megatech an email and ask for a wing and crystals so I can try the car with the FM transmitter... I dont think that I would keep the FM receiver in though, since I have so many 27AM crystals and receivers, that it would make it easier to take a few cars to the park rather than to bring an extra TX for one car.

I did notice that the motor gets hot, so I am going to install a couple heatsinks, and possibly change the motor for the Atomic 380, just to see how that performs (although it may rip through the dogbones)... I would have liked to have seen metal dogbones in the drivetrain stock, would like to see CVD's that can drop in directly without changing the hubs to RC18B hubs...

2007.04.01, 10:11 PM
EMU, I dislike the FM trans that comes with it, no throttle dual rate adjust and the wheel feels a little funny...I do like the trigger, but would rather use a 27 AM radio I already have, problem is I have no AM reciever :(

The motor heat is an issue that a good heat sink will take care of....the stock motor actually has quite a bit of grunt so I don't think I'll change that right away.....my next biggest concern is getting a stiffer servo saver spring...maybe I'll do the old zip-tie trick till then

2007.04.01, 10:35 PM
I did notice that the servo saver spring is a little weak...

On some of my cars I dont even use a saver (metal geared servos instead) And I have not had a problem with them :P

I am about to order 3 Losi Peak chargers and a few more battery packs. I know that the Losi chargers arent the best, but for $50 I can charge 3 packs at once... I have a modified DTX Digital Pulse charger (added high powered 40mm fan to cool the charger better). Which I use currently, and it is a pain to sit and charge all my cells on one charger. I used to use a Dynamite Dual timed charger, but I will not use it for 2/3A cells, only subC. I blew up a pack of IB1400's that I had for my Mini-T... took out one of my windows with it :eek: The charger has a fixed rate of about 3.5-4A... Which is high for 2/3A. I usually like to charge at 3A tops, which takes around 30 minutes to charge the packs. When I charge at that rate, I put the batteries next to the high powered 40mm fan. I still dont feel comfortable charging them at that high rate... but otherwise it takes way too long to charge 4 sets.

The 27AM receiver that I prefer is the Futaba... Airtronics receivers only work with the Airtronics radios, and are not compatable with the stock esc or servo. The one that I am using right now on my PP is a generic one, which was the last spare one that I had. I plan on ordering a couple new receivers, if you would be interested in this one after I receive my Futaba's, let me know.

2007.04.02, 03:13 AM
thanks again for the pics & reviews dbr... now wish someone can post a vid :D

2007.04.02, 12:01 PM
There are a couple of videos on youtube. Just search for "Pro-Pulse".

2007.04.02, 11:47 PM
will get some "good" vids soon....the track is getting built this weekend if the weather holds

2007.04.03, 01:41 AM
will get some "good" vids soon....the track is getting built this weekend if the weather holds

Good luck with the weather out there. Here it will be in the 70's on Tuesday and be down to the 30's plus possibly snow by the weekend :eek:

2007.04.03, 02:51 AM
There are a couple of videos on youtube. Just search for "Pro-Pulse".
thanks for the reply...

Good luck with the weather out there. Here it will be in the 70's on Tuesday and be down to the 30's plus possibly snow by the weekend
man... over here, it's like a 90*F average over the next five days... it's hot and humid...

2007.04.03, 10:10 PM
just saw some vids... pretty cool...

2007.04.03, 11:18 PM
I was out running the PP today... first battery pack it was around the same speed as it was the other day that I was running it... second battery pack it was flying like a squirel being chased by a dog. The second pack was the pack I tested it with last time... I havent used these batteries for a while, so they need reviving.

I didnt realize how fast this little thing is until that second pack... man... I let one of my buds run it for a little, he has an RS 1/10 scale... so he knows how to drive a car a little... he was loving it... until he flipped it and the front right shock came off the ball stud. Not a problem as far as damage, but he lost the piece where the spring rests on the bottom of the shock (dont know the name)... small black disc with a slit... I assume that came off first, then he flipped. Anyway, we were running on gravel, eaten up asphalt... http://www.nyc-architecture.com/HAR/HAR017.htm (3rd pic is close to the current state) So theres lots of larger chunks and smaller chunks that have been broken off... Lots of kids play ball down there from the school accross the street, so its all pretty loose and perfect for offroad RC's (with enclosed gearboxes at least). I live about 2 blocks away (1N/1E), so its an easy walk over there... back on track: I had already lost the e clip for right rear hinge pin on my mini-t, so I was running my 1/10 tamiya blazing star. That thing is nearly bullet proof... so I let my buddy take over the wheel while I started the hunt for the little disc that holds the shock together.

I started searching... and searching and searching... it was about 6:30, so the light was dimming by the minute... half broken mini-quake arm... nope... that was from last year, searching, mini-t turnbuckle ball cup, that goes into the pocket... searching..... had to put another 3000mah Intellect pack into the 1/10... searching.... found it!!! yes, back in action... put the shock back on, and ripping up the gravel again...

I tried some Trinity Blade wheels on the rear... dissapointed, less traction than the buggy tires. They also fit a little sloppy, would need some 3mm shims to tighten it up a little between the wheel and nut. I have tried Trinity wheels on the Mini-T, and the fit is also a little sloppy...

I get lots of attention from people walking their dogs, mainly because their dogs love these cars... last year one actually got my Vendetta, and I still have the holes in the roof to prove it... I think Im going to name that one after you DBR ;) Also alot of attention from the kids... Today they just sat on the 2 steps of the Monument and were watching. Last year they built an access ramp on the right side of the 2 steps for handicap access... I think they knew that I loved driving up it and hopping off the steps... the kids loved that too... Most kids run after the cars like they are dogs, and 6/10 times one will end up hurt, I think only once has one of the kids stepped on a car... less damage than the dogs :p

I did get a little noise out of the gearbox today, but nothing that slowed me down like the Mini-Quake did... that would come to a jerking halt... with a 540 motor and high gearing, it usually just flipped forward.

I have to say, anyone interested in getting into 1/18 offroad should really consider getting one of these, at least to get to know the scale. Out of the box they are fun to drive, and pretty competetive. A little more wheel slop than my Vendetta, but in general the style of wheel adapter that is used in this kind of car will have more slop than the 1/10 style adapter that the Vendetta uses.

I would change out the battery connectors to Deans Ultra (or deans micro at least) and use some good batteries, IB1400, GP1300, IB1200... was using some GP1100's today, and they were running pretty good, but they havent broken in fully yet. Want to try some Elite 1500's soon... cheapbatterypacks.com has them for a good price, under $20 a set with the connector of choice, or ~$25 with upgraded bars and soldering instead of the standard welding of the bars for less resistance... the packs that they sell are not zapped or matched, just cheap sports packs. I havent tried them yet, got most of my batteries from HK, which arent zapped or matched either, for a little cheaper (instead of $18 they are $16), but take a while to come, and dont have the Deans Ultra connector. I notice while charging even at 2A, that my micro connectors get warm, which means that I can get alot more power if I used larger wire and deans connectors. I ordered 10 sets of Ultras, with 20 sets of wires and heatshrink... for cheaper than I would have gotton 10 sets of just ultras from kenon... I am going to change all of my batteries, chargers and ESC connectors to the Ultras. If I have enough connectors, I may change some of my motor connectors and wires to Ultras as well. Most of my ESCs are 1/10 ESCs, so they have thick wires, with a 22g wire with the micro connector soldered to it. the Micro connectors only come with 22g wiring, regardless... the micro connector can barely support 5A going through it... I think that was the cause of my batteries exploding last year, the connector on the battery was melted...

enough rambling... thanks for the review on this PP, I am happy that I got one... Im going to try to talk some buddies into either getting some of these cars, or other ones close in this scale. The 1/10 cars are just too expensive to get batteries for, with decent batteries costing around $40... and having to get at least 3 packs... itll get too expensive. At $60 for 3 sets of GOOD 2/3A... with about the same runtime as the decent Sub C packs... there is a clear advantage here. For about $200 you can have a PP with 3 packs and 2 Losi Peak chargers, or 4 packs and 1 Losi Peak charger... I really do like those chargers (just found both of mine today, was about to order 3 new ones, may order 2 new ones to sell to some buds if they are interested in getting a car)... At about $20 shipped on the bay, you cant go wrong. Sure there are no adjustments, but they charge under an hour, and are basically silent. The punch is just as good as the batteries charged in my Duratrax Digi Pulse (which is loud as @#%! with the 40x30mm high speed fan mod)...

2007.04.04, 12:59 AM
i just bought the pp truck and dual motor and the 1400mah battery with a charger so i hopw this is sweet as everyone else says they are!!!! later

2007.04.04, 01:16 AM
Dont expect it to be a GREAT car, because it isnt the best car in the class. But I think that it is a pretty good car, with some bells and whistles for the money. Comes with ball diffs front and rear, bearings throughout... The RTR Mini-T comes with bushings throughout... The Mini-T Pro costs about the same, but does not have electronics... I dont know of any 1/18 offroader that has ball diffs stock, just the factory models...

If you are running dual motors, then I would advise you to switch the connectors to Deans right away. Even though the car uses the small tamiya connector, you would get more power with the deans... With the stock motor, you may not see a difference, but with a modified or brushless motor, you NEED deans connectors.

I adjusted my ball diffs a little before running earlier, and it made a huge difference on my steering... before my steering was very slow and sluggish, I loosened my diffs just a tiny bit, to the point that they do not slip without putting alot of force but are smooth when they differentiate. The car is much more agile, and I can ride the limits much easier. Before it was hard to tell when the car would spin, now I can see it coming a scale mile away...

I hope that some steel CVD's or dogbones are available soon, I would rather not have to change to RC18 dogbones and hubs. I have to check my Vendetta CVDs to see if the length is close and if they fit in the PP outdrives... If it is, then my PP will have some 1/10 touring wheels and rally tires :p

Do try it stock before you upgrade it... ALLWAYS run a car stock before modifying it, makes it easier if you decide you want to return it if there are problems or if you dont like it...

2007.04.07, 12:48 AM
Thanks for adding to the review EMU, and I agree, the PP isn't the best car out there but it is possibly the best VALUE considering the upgrades that are already included (one you and I both forgot to mention was that the PP comes with oil filled shocks, yes I took them apart to check and they are indeed oil filled and much better than stock spring boingers that come on some other models)

I am still working on the backyard track but have it in a condition that will allow us to test the RC18T, Pro-Pulse Pro T-100, and the Minizilla head to head tomorrow during our weekly GTG. I will try my best to get you all some good action shots and video of our session.

I am still very happy with this truck (yes it is a truck now, changed out the wheel/tire combo and the body) and think it was well worth the small price I paid for it (and would have spent full price of $100 if I had known it was this good. I did break a front shock tower on mine the other day, but it was totally my fault, I was drifting it in the driveway, lost the slide and pile drived it right into the rear tire of my 1/1 car. A quick trip down to RS got me back driving again (the shock tower replacement kit contains two towers, hardware, body mounts, and ball studs...the front and rear towers are exactly the same).

My youngest son (16) has actually caught the 1/18th bug and now wants one of these really bad, he helped with the track building in hopes I would at least go halves on a car with him (I would have anyway but don't tell him as I still need some more track work done...getting the roto-tiller out here next week!)

Will post some more tomorrow night after the testing session.

(EMU, if you hop a plane now I could pick you up at the airport in the morning and have you out here in time for the testing session!)

2007.04.07, 02:09 AM
(EMU, if you hop a plane now I could pick you up at the airport in the morning and have you out here in time for the testing session!)
That would be tough on my budget... If im ever in the area, ill be sure to bring a car or two...

Thats the best thing about the pro-pulse, very easy to get the parts you need. I am going to try some different rear wheels... I may get the truck wheels or Pro-line dirt hawgs for the rear. I have more steering than I need for the surface conditions.

2007.04.07, 02:56 AM
Well I wasn't really serious, thats a heck of a trip just to race R/C cars (wait a minute...I made a trip all the way to Tennesse from here to race R/C...oh well)

All the RC 18T/B wheels and Losi Mini-T rear wheels will fit direct with no slop and touring wheels fit with a hex adaptor.
I may get another set of wheels and some street treads for those times I run in on the concrete.

2007.04.10, 10:11 PM
as promised....a couple of small vids of our Pro-Pulse trucks on our backyard track

Pro-Pulse Video (http://www.zippyvideos.com/2524905626875476/dcao8644/)

Two Pro-Pulse Trucks (http://www.zippyvideos.com/1431137856875556/dcao8648/)

2007.04.25, 10:56 AM
Nice videos ;)

I really love this buggy... I changed the batt connector to Deans Ultra... man, what a difference. I get up to top speed in about 2/3 the distance as I did before with the micro plugs. I just got 2 packs of IB1400's from cheapbatterypacks with 16g wire and deans ultra plugs... great packs, for a great price. This is my fastest brushed micro car. And its basically stock (besides RX). My brushless Vendetta is a little faster on top end, but cannot compare at all with the low end and take off. I am going to try adjusting the Mamba ESC to have a faster take off... but I have to wait until my threadlock arrives before I can run the Vendetta, the wheel screws loosen in the steel CVDs fairly easily.

I tried some Trinity Blade wheels, rear Mini-T wheels... neither fit very well. The Pro-Pulse wheels fit the best. The Mini-T wheels arent too bad, but not as good as the stock ones. The Trinity wheels are no good.

I am going to buy a set of the Dirt Hawg copies next pay check since my stock tires are basically bald.

I also got a Tamiya GB01 Fox. RWD buggy, about 1/16 scale. Performs well on the pavement, but not nearly as fast as the Pro-Pulse... and does not handle the rough terrain as well as my Mini-T... I need to try thicker oil in the shocks, and tighten the ball diff/loosen slipper and see if that helps a little. I also wore the rear tires alot running on the street, so I need to get new ones. On the street this is my favorite car, but offroad it needs a little work. The Pro-Pulse could do circles around it, but it is still very fun in its current setup for bashing. I am going to try a hotter motor when I get the new rear tires.

2007.04.28, 09:02 PM
The weather was finally good enough this week to get out and play some........

...here is one of our PP trucks catching some major air

....and a pic of our backyard track

...RC18T over the center jump