View Full Version : Possible MC3 event this Sat Mar 28th, 2007

2007.03.26, 09:23 AM
Hi All,

Been a long time since I decided to hold a group event for the ppl who have turned up to MC3 club events in the past. Anyway, I was thinking it was time for a group event, possibly this coming Saturday evening. This event depends on how many ppl can turn up. Here are the event details. Let me know if you can either make it or plan to make it, plz:

Saturday, March 31st
6pm- 11pm
$8 per head if you help out- $13 if you do not
Seniors Life Enhancement Centre (Centre 2),2041 Cliff Rd,Mississauga ON L5A 3N8
setup 6pm-6:30/45pm
practice 6:30/45- 8pm
race* if everyone wants 8pm-10pm
teardown 10pm-11pm

Race will require you to have a CORE transponder if you want your laptimes counted. I bought 10 extra from Toronto Zees at $15 a pop, so I can lend out these out to the 1st ppl who can pay the $15 deposit I am asking. You get it back when you return the transponder. I will email all the results/laptimes to everyone the week after the event so you can see your lap times etc...along with a track diagram.

Hope to see you there. Possible layouts are attached.

2007.03.27, 02:52 PM

I'm in for this one. I think Edwin, and Cedric are coming as well.

See you this Saturday.

2007.03.28, 03:09 PM
Event is on. See you there.

I'm leaning towards either track #V1 or V2

2007.03.28, 03:45 PM
Track #2 gets my vote!

2007.04.02, 02:06 PM
Thanks to all who turned up. It was a blast. I look forward to our next event. I will send the CORE results via email to all who attended.