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2007.03.26, 06:22 PM
Thanks to everyone that helped out with the last race day. We had 14 people run in the official races and quite a few more people came by to check things out. It looks like we will have a few more people joining us regularly.

Thanks to anyone who let someone else borrow there car, my 4 cars were not enough with how many new people we had. Since we were running short on cars I even got out the hummer for people to run around a little.

It is great to see everyone improving even if it means getting bumped out of the A-main. Neo and Drinian, you guys are going to have to watch out for Gasser...

I haven't had a chance to post all the photos yet but I did get one uploaded that shows most of the group watching the A-main clockwise race. Click the link below to check it out


2007.03.27, 12:14 PM
In my opinion, that was the best race weekend yet. I was a little shocked to have the official time schedule. However, in retrospect, I liked it. pinwc4 and I talked about this, but I thought we might through it out there for discussion. We might want to look at a schedule like this:

A Qualifier Clockwise (4:00 PM)
B Qualifier Clockwise
C Qualifier Clockwise
D Qualifier Clockwise
A Main Clockwise
B Main Clockwise
C Main Clockwise
D Main Clockwise
1 Hour break for Dinner
D Qualifier Counter-clockwise
C Qualifier Counter-clockwise
B Qualifier Counter-clockwise
A Qualifier Counter-clockwise
D Main Counter-clockwise
C Main Counter-clockwise
B Main Counter-clockwise
A Main Counter-clockwise

The more competitive guys will show up on time and stay later. The new guys will be able to show up late and leave earlier. This will really help the parents. They cannot stay until 10:00-10:30 every other week.

What does everyone think?

2007.03.28, 10:10 AM
For the official race days we will have to stick with a schedule. We have gotten too large as a group for the chaos we used to have.

Based on the experience from last Saturday if racing were to start for the clockwise races at 4 P.M. we should be finished by 6 P.M. assuming there are minimal problems. If we then start at 7 P.M. for counterclockwise the D main group would be finishing there race around 8 P.M. C Main around 8:15 P.M. This may still be too late for some of our younger racers.

Also this puts us still not running heats before the qualifiers. Really I think for us to manage a group of people of this size we need to allocate more time or I need to get off my posterior and finish the second lap counter so we can be simultaneously run races.

Also we need to come up with a fair way to determine who is the corner marshall for the current race. Maybe make the corner marshall responsible for managing there particular race, herd people, scan people in and find the next marshall?

2007.03.28, 03:08 PM
Just for clarity, I really liked the schedule. And if we insert an hour for dinner, I think marshalling duties are a good idea too. I would suggest 8 officials with 2 assigned to each main. That way each person does two races and that is it. Pinwc4, your duties on race day are overwhelming. (I hope to get an extra chassis set next season to help with your guest car problems.)

I think most parents will like the new schedule. 8:30 is not unreasonable, but I can always start earlier than 4:00 if needed.

On that note,I got there about 3:00 for our last race. A and B Main people can get there at the same time if they want to run heats. (We can do counter-clockwise heats during the hour break?)

Competitive racers are going to need to practice on the off weeks. There just isnít enough time an race day anymore. Growth always causes problems, but it's great at the same time.