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2007.03.27, 02:49 PM
Did all of last years F1's have 3010 fets?

2007.03.27, 07:59 PM
I'm pretty sure all 2005 bodied cars come with 3010's.

2007.03.28, 12:37 AM
I'm pretty sure all 2005 bodied cars come with 3010's.
All 2005 bodied cars (Ferrari and Mclaren) have 3010s. All of the others have 3004.

2007.03.28, 12:52 AM
Thank you for the clarification. My old Toyota is starting to show its age running against the 3010 cars.

2007.03.28, 01:04 AM
Same as many of the cars that are raced where I race. I personally have a 3010 car, and out of the corners, the 3010 cars w/9t pinions have the same acceleration as the 3004 cars would have with 7/8t pinions and the same motor.

I havent really gotton my F1 to a point where I am comfortable driving. The rear end is just too loose. No matter what I have done, I just cant drive it the way I want to. I am thinking about running my 3004 F1 and seeing what I can do with that while I try to work on the setup on the 3010 car. Even though I have the 3010 car I am still finishing around 5-7th position, where we only have 3 3010 cars running. The other 2 3010 cars are younger drivers who have just recently gotten into F1, and have been finishing 1/2... they both are also point series champions in other classes, so good drivers. I can compete with them, but only when the car is setup. They can drive a bad setup pretty well, and are almost unstoppable with a good setup.

2007.04.03, 12:52 PM
I had a similar problem with my f1 being crazy loose. The fix for my car was to use a little harder front spring. My car has kyosho 30 fronts and 20 rears. I tried to use 10 rears but they were uncontrolable...I guess they were so soft that the ribs on the tires actually flexed causing the car to spinout.