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2007.03.31, 09:29 PM
My first question! Yeah!!
I am looking for foam tires for my F1. I run it on carpet in the lobby at work, and the stock wheels just spin out all over the place.
I found this picture on someone’s website, and now just need to find them. I have found foam tires on this site listed, but can not verify that they are the same because there is no picture.
Also, it may be radio interference, but my care makes jittery sounds when i don't have my finger on the trigger or wheel. But as soon as I barely squeeze the trigger, the jittering goes away.


2007.03.31, 09:48 PM
Well I don't know about the tires but the jitter is the servo trying to center itself. Mine does that too. So does my Mr-02. The Mr-02 does it a lot more though. the jitter isn't a bad thing so... yeah that's what it is.

2007.04.01, 02:03 AM
I don't know which foams are available on site, but those wheels/foams on the F1 picture appear to be a custom trued setup...not quite the shape I normally consider F1 type rims.

I could be wrong, though.

2007.04.01, 01:36 PM
Would the Atomic Mini-Z F1 Competition 10° Rear Tires give more traction on hard carpet than Kyosho MFT01-20R Rear High Grip Tire Set 20°

2007.04.01, 03:09 PM
the 20's would do you just fine.

If you go with the 10's the groves will bend, causing less traction.

2007.04.01, 04:19 PM
The picture shows what looks like Z-speed wheels and foams. I don't think you need foams quite yet though, try some of the softer rubber compounds first.

2007.04.03, 11:47 AM
Go with kyosho 30 fronts and 20 rears can't go wrong with this setup. 75% of our club members run f1's and we started on carpet and then graduated to rcp, this tire set up works well on both.

2007.04.05, 07:17 PM
I am new to this. What is RCP?

2007.04.05, 07:20 PM

Check out www. rcptracks .com - remove spaces.

This is the best stuff to run Mini-z's and xmods.