View Full Version : Stacked FETs on a monster

2007.04.01, 07:10 PM
Hey Guys,

I'm about to do a 2x3 FET stack on my monster. Do i have to stack it slanted like stacked FET's on the MR-02..or could i just do a vertical stack?

2007.04.01, 08:34 PM
vertical is fine in every chassis except the 02. 2x3 on a monster is freakin' sweeeeet!. Have fun, and good luck.

2007.04.02, 10:09 AM
Vertical is fine for MZM. I did a 2x4 on both my trucks and worked very well. Just need some fast motors.

2007.11.26, 08:11 PM
my board is from Atomic Mods and it is a straight up 2x3 board and fit no problem