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2007.04.03, 04:12 PM
Liths On Mr01 Possible Is It
I have an mr01 chasis using a pn stock fet motor or speedy05 bb or not forget which 05 i only found one of them pretty sure it the stock one anyways i wanna use 7.4v lithions on it is it gonna fry board rob wrote on ********** q&a about miniz that he heard the mr01 had 6 v caps and the v2 was way but he also said he dont tinker with mr01
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2007.04.03, 04:28 PM
Do the Lithium Kits work on the MR01?
I have not had time to test the Lithium on the MR01 but I hear that there is a 6 volt capacitor that must be upgraded first. I will post more info as soon as I have time to explore it. If you use a V2, it will work fine since the V2 regulates the voltage to the car.
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2007.04.03, 11:37 PM
This place is SOOOOO ridiculous!! God forbid you post the name of another site, lest someone find a store that has parts in stock!!

2007.04.04, 12:46 AM
As far as the censorship goes, that's just the way it is... always has been. He's got a business to run, I'm sure if you were in his shoes, you'd do the same.

I would hold off on the lithium upgrade, the Z is plenty fast without it. Find some nice new AAAs, cycle them properly and you'll see speed. Unless you're already racing others who have hyper-modded cars, then go ahead. ;)

If you do get the liths, you definitely want to get a turbo of some kind. I prefer internals, mostly because of the cleanliness of installation. At least a triple stack of 4562s and a decent capacitor as well.

Never did it to a Z myself, I have seen it done to an Xmod but that car with all the mods done to it was only as fast as a stock MiniZ with an Xspeed.