View Full Version : Hub Caps and wheels

2007.04.03, 09:06 PM
Hello. Ok, so I have the Mini Cooper Lit. I also have the Fiat 500 body as well. I noticed that unlike the normal AutoScales, the hub's dont' come off easy. I was wondering, if your even supposed to use the AutoScale's wheels for the Lit? Or do you have to purchase a seperate wheel kit for the particular body? I can not see how to safely remove the hub's from the dumby chassis.
Anybody else have this problem?
Also, a tad off topic for the moment, I just purchased the Tagu AWD wheels and tires for my AWD Mini-Z. However, upon looking at their web site, I do not see any mentioning of the wheels for the Lit. However, elsewhere under the Lit's threads, there was a photo of the aluminum 5 star wheels from Tagu specifically for the Lit.
So does anybody know when those aluminum Lit wheels will be available?
I have just ordered every upgrade available for my Lit from Kyosho. Also discovered that the rear shock from the MR02 will fit the Lit when useing the Lit's rear shock mount system that attaches to the motor pod. It's a perfect fit!