View Full Version : Got the baja white body today! (couple pics)

2007.04.03, 10:42 PM
Check it. Got two of them...Ill post more once I get them decked out. Feel free to make suggestions of color schemes.



2007.04.06, 09:37 PM
I'd say something with obnoxious retro colors. Metallic orange and olive are good places to start.

2007.04.07, 01:28 PM
3, 2, 1, RUSH!!!!!!!

Get It?

2007.04.07, 05:58 PM
Was that my cue?

2007.04.07, 07:39 PM
There it is :D, I couldnt remember who done that one. I always did mine in Purple and Neon Green on the arcade game :D

2007.04.10, 03:54 PM
I vote Neon or ColorShifting.

2007.04.11, 03:17 PM
What's up bnwhtlw, I ran w/you yesterday up in Charlottesville and I got to see that BAJA in action, very nice.. As far as paint jobs are concerned, you should go retro and paint that BAJA just like the old school TAMIYA Monster Beetle (red body with blue/yellow graphics on the side and blue on the hood)..It'd also be cool to see some big, nasty stinger exhaust pipes comin out the back (made out of K+S tubing)...Another good paint scheme would be a winter camouflage pattern done with light and dark blue, with some light gray thrown in...just my opinion :D

2007.04.11, 03:34 PM
Since we're on the topic of bodies for the monster, has anybody thought of using the Tamiya Wild Mini bodies? I can't remember what scale they are but they look like they would fit the monster pretty well.. If anybody has never seen the Tamiya Wild Mini series, they're just smaller versions of classic Tamiya rc trucks such as the CLOD BUSTER, MIDNIGHT PUMPKIN, and others...

2007.04.11, 03:48 PM
That body looks great. What is the wheelbase? I'd like to try putting it on a MR015 with a modified chassis or a Overland with different wheels. If you could try taking pictures of the body on either I'd love to see.

As far as paint schemes go, I always thought retro looked good on this beetle style.

Speaking of which here's some paint scheme ideas for you.




and my personal fav:

2007.04.12, 11:41 PM
I went ahead and purchased two of these. The one for my monster will likely stay very plain. The other one I had planned on fitting for the OL. And I still may, the problem is. The front fender well is basically at the utmost front of the body. So the servo case on the OL wont clear. I have some big ass OL tires on their way to me, so I may still be able to do something with the OL. Another issue is that the body is very narrow, so you would need to devise some sort of side clip. You may be able to get it on an AWD pretty easy. Couldnt use a nose clip though.

For my second body I want to do something more detailed. I really like this one alot! But Im thinking green and silver.