View Full Version : Getrung mats?

2007.04.05, 11:24 PM

I was flipping around and found a site that sells multi purpose mats. One of their listed uses is Mini-Z racing so...

Anyone had experience with the Getrung mat surface and how does it compare? :)

2007.04.06, 11:51 AM
Not sure send me the URL and I'll take a look. I used to have an entire folder of links for possible racing surfaces.

2011.10.13, 02:51 PM
Are these Getrung Carpet Mats? *Taken from my friend's home. He was not sure where he bought them; maybe Pepboys / Lowes, etc...

You cannot even see the joints:

Thin and light:

Test run with Atomic Carpet tires(car feels good):

2011.10.13, 08:58 PM
I've tried similar carpet tiles. They were bumpy and the fibers got all caught up in the wheel axle. Had to stop and clean the fibers out. Was a pain in the but. Not great traction either. Had better luck with the bottom side. If you find these tiles, dont get carpet. Stick with the foam rubber kind.